Turn every lipstick to a long lasting one!

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Hello Ladies, Just wanted to share how I do my lipstick to make it last longer and not stain the glasses i drink from that much. I know I’m not the first who gave this tip , but want to share my version of it 🙂 What you need: 1. Lip liner ( same or closest color to the lipstick…

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Review#1 Kohl Eye Pencils ( Sephora, Avon, ELF)

/ April 25, 2015

Okay so I’m starting my very first post for my Beauty Blog. A review on some of the different Kohl pencils I have used till date. Without wasting much time , here is the first . ELF Kohl Eye Pencil Among the three, ELF Kohl Eye Pencil is my favorite. Very easily glides on to your skin, and long wear.…

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