During this journey of beauty blogging, I have received a lot of questions that amazed me, some of them made me laugh, sad, shocked and what not. I thought why not put together some facts of a beauty blogger in one post. I will try to generalize it but every person is different from one another so we beauty bloggers might just be different in some cases. 

  1. We do not wear makeup EVERYDAY – Yes, we beauty bloggers do not necessarily wear makeup everyday of our lives. Just like other women, we wear makeup only when necessary. I personally wear full makeup on occasions, special events and special outings. In normal regular days, you will find me with very little makeup if not nothing at all. No one should be wearing full makeup on daily basis, specially foundation. It is just a notion to be wearing foundation to look flawless. Skin care is what will make you look flawless. Can’t stretch enough on this.

  2. We do not have A LOT OF MONEY- Seeing our makeup collection can give some of you the impression that we have a lot of money to spend on these beauty products. In my case, I save from the pocket-money my husband gives me. Trust me, it is not a lot of money! Sometimes it takes me to save 3 to 4 months to be able to buy the products I want. For bigger bloggers who are earning a lot from their blogs, they might be using some of those amount to buy makeup but they too have bills to pay so I guess they still SAVE to be able to spend. HAH! I am waiting for that day to come when I can save the pocket-money and instead spend the money I earn from blogs.

  3. We do not buy makeup every time NEW product is released- Well, this may be the case for some who have spare money to buy all the new release OR they are paid to review new products, then they can definitely spend on them too. But I do not buy every effing new product in the market. First of all, I do not have the urge to be having everything the market has, secondly, I am practical and I buy only what I NEED. If I am paid to do so, I will definitely buy 😉 I buy when I see something I can use as well as be able to share its goodness with you all.

  4. We are NOT SENT FREE PRODUCTS all the time- Okay, once you are a blogger, it is very much common for people to think we are sent free products by companies. No girl, no body sends us free products like that. With the exception of renowned bloggers, we “smaller” bloggers seldom get free products and that too after working our arse off day and night. It is not easy but when it starts coming, it is actually fun with responsibility in the package deal.

  5. We DO NOT KNOW about each and everything in the market- Yes, you heard me right. We bloggers have NOT tried every product in the market. In fact no one have. But yes, we do have tried quite a bit to be able to give good advice to you folks.  If you are someone who is able to find ONE GOOD BLOGGER WHO REVIEWS HONESTLY, YOUR LIFE(YOUR POCKET RATHER) IS SAVED 70% 

  6. NOT ALL BLOGGERS WILL GIVE HONEST REVIEWS- Ever wonder why this blogger just loves and loves products she posts? Well, chances are it is a sponsored post. While this is true most of the time, it is definitely not the case all the time. Not all bloggers will post negative stuff on their website. Like myself, I would show products I do not fancy once in a while but will always promote products I love. That’s the reason you will find 80% of the posts I have are having positive feedback. But, one needs to be smart enough to be able to figure out of the blogger you are following, is honest enough to giver her own opinion even for products sent to them for free.

  7. We are better than the Saleslady at your beauty store– No offense to sales ladies at the beauty counters but let’s face it, beauty bloggers are better source of advice , suggestions and reviews when it comes to makeup as compared to salesladies. Saleslady will talk you into buying the products/brands they are promoting for obvious reasons. While beauty bloggers will give reviews on products, share their opinion, give you tips based on experience and not because they work for certain brand/s. Again, as I mentioned in no.6 not all bloggers will be honest but I personally think better than those standing at the beauty counters. Have you seen a Gosh sales lady telling you “Ma’am better buy Maybelline Fit ME and save money than buying Gosh Foundation which is way costly” Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against Gosh, just giving an example. Plus I know the difference between the above mentioned products But, if you are looking for products from certain brand, then the sales lady assigned for that company is your best bet.

  8. Not all of us are Unhelpful– I know and accept the fact that most of the successful beauty bloggers are snob and tend to ignore newbies. But it is not the case with everyone. If you are a new blogger or want to start one, be shameless and contact any blogger you think you need help from. I am sure someone will respond and be willing to help you. Do not be disheartened and continue your search there are few out there that will be very supportive and sweet.

  9. We are just like you– Yes girl, we are just like any other common woman out there who have job, kids, family, house chores to finish etc. We do not just blog ALL the day we do have life and live it like normal people. I also need to get things done at home first, attend to kids first and pamper hubby before I can sit and do anything related to blog. For that, I sacrifice some sleeping hours, meals etc. I apply nail polish, click picks and then go wash the dishes and bear the heart ache of getting my nail paint wrecked during that process because I have to. Sometimes, I remove nail color right after clicking pictures because I can’t wear it whole day as I have to offer Namaz(Muslim prayer). I do not go out during the day wearing the heavy eye makeup look in my tutorial, I remove after I am done. These are some crazy stuff we beauty bloggers just have to do or maybe just me.

  10. Not All Beauty Bloggers are Makeup Artist- Beauty Bloggers write everything and anything related to beauty. They review products, they share their tips, they suggest products and mostly are very good with applying makeup. This doesn’t mean they are makeup artists. Some of them might have done a professional course to be an MUA while some are talented enough and are self-taught based on experience BUT there are also some, who just do not like applying makeup on others. And let’s respect that. In my case, I did my pro course 8 years back, I wasn’t beauty blogging then and there were a lot of gap through out these years as I did not really practice what I learned. I did makeup on myself and that’s it. Now, I can say I am good at what I do, that’s because of my experience. Think about it, in these 8 years, how many new products were invented, new tricks discovered , will you judge my ability based on what I learned 8 years back? No! I am a beauty blogger + Makeup Artist but not all are. My work speaks for itself.So before approaching anyone, make sure to ask if they are.

Do you have any facts you need should be shared? Feel free to comment below. <3


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  1. Love this! Great points and all of these apply to me – if I get free products which is not very often, I’m not going to post about it and not be honest. I feel I have an obligation to share my opinion with my followers. I would hate for someone to buy something that is not worth the money. And I am not a makeup guru in terms of applying. I’m your every day working mother that is obsessed with all things beauty!

  2. I loved this post, seriously!
    Everything that you said is 100% true, lol. I’m a trained makeup artist, too, but to be honest, I don’t enjoy putting makeup on others. While I do enjoy making people feel good about themselves, and it makes me happy when they are happy with their results, I find the process stressful. I think I like to write about makeup more than I like to put them on others! :o)

    1. It is really good to hear this directly from someone who can relate. There are makeup artists who DO NOT really enjoy what people think they are supposed to. See,you love writing more about makeup than putting on others. Additional info we got here

  3. Preach, girl!

    I find it the most frustrating, being a beauty blogger myself, when people I know say “You have flawless makeup, can you do me sometime when we hang out?”, because lets face it, being good at doing your own makeup isn’t an instant door to being a wiz with the brush on other people’s faces – we have different skin types, colours and face structures to worry about. If you master your own, that does not mean we suddenly know how to contour or blush every single person on this planet perfectly and without mistakes.

  4. Honest post and I appreciate that. I think honesty is important because there is a need for bloggers to establish trust with readers.

    When it comes to reviews, I’d like to see good and bad reviews. I often ignore blogs that is all love love love and more love. I also look at the technical knowledge of a blogger because I want to know if the blogger is an authority on the subject.

    I know this is a beauty blog but I think the same principle applies in any product posts.

    The sad thing is that there are now more of bloggers who post product reviews, showing the product images, applying and done. There’s gotta be more on that. For beauty products, I suppose showing labels of the ingredients is really good.

    1. Really appreciate this comment. I totally agree regarding honest product reviews. And yes,same rules apply to beauty blogs,in fact any blog. There should be a balance of both good and bad.

  5. Good post! You cleared up a few assumptions people have about bloggers. Only the very successful get the products and a post saying Sponsored Post doesn’t always mean honest post.

  6. Thank you for your honesty here. Also, your point 6 is an important one for readers to understand. If a blogger has a sponsored post and doesn’t like the product they should have the freedom to express that. In the end though, blogging can become as much of a job as being a newscaster.

  7. Great post. I follow a couple of beauty bloggers and I love how honest they are about a product they review whether or not it’s a free item. I admire the honesty, that way people don’t buy a crappy item because of a fake review.

  8. I’ve learned that from beauty gurus on Youtube! Some of them have seperate channel and they won’t wear make-up at all. I definitely want to get involved with learning how to do my make-up. That’s something I never really cared about until I got into my 20s and now I’m lost! Lol

  9. It is true I see so many bloggers being inathethentic because they are doing it for the money but I stay real. I will post negative and positive reviews and will always be honest. FYI I don’t wear makeup most of the time either it is too demanding and sometimes I just like to be bare faced.

  10. Great post. Glad you’re squashing some of the thoughts people have that bloggers have everything just given to them for free. We work hard and use our own experience 🙂