Been awhile I couldn’t post any interview as I have been caught up with many things. A lot of posts scheduled already for publishing and wasn’t just getting the right time to feature anyone. Let us just get into all the amazing facts.

Another beautiful blogger we have today here , owns Cindy’s Planet, a Malaysian beauty who has covered a lot of topics in her blog and wedding is in the air guys! ūüėÄ <3 Visit her blog to check out what preparations she is having for her big day, I’m telling you I enjoy reading what she has to say about everything.


cindysplanet header rose

  1. When did you start blogging?

2 yrs ago

2. Describe your blog in 5 words.

Happy, colourful, floral, sweet, yummilicious

3. Based upon your experience, what is the best thing about blogging?

Get to meet new people and also trying out new and different products.

4. What is your favorite post and why? (you can provide the link too)

      Because of the picture I took is very beautiful I think..

5. Do you take pictures for  your blog yourself or someone else does that?

       I take most of the pictures on my blog and sometime I might take some picture from google image and credit back to the owner.

6. How organised are you when it comes to blogging?

I usually have a template for all my review..but sometime when I want to do a more casual post then I will just make it simple and straightforward.

7. Do you ever suffer from Blogger’s Block? If so, how do you deal with it?

Never so far…

8. Where do you see your blog in the next 2 years?

      Be more niche on the topic probably on beauty and travel…

9. Do you find most/some/all of your fellow bloggers helpful?Share one good experience with a fellow blogger.

     Not all only a few where they will visit your blog sometime….

10. What is the most craziest thing you did for your blog?

          Organized my own meet up with my reader. I organize from sketch by getting sponsor for location and door gift and etc…

11. Favorite item in our wardrobe.

            Floral crop top and midi skirt

12. 3 best qualities about you.

Helpful, happy going and friendly

13. 3 worst traits you want to change.

           Stop being a night owl, be less straightforward and stop procrastinating.

14. On a scale of 10, 10 being the highest. Rate yourself as :

  1. photographer- 8
  2. writer -7
  3. artist -5
  1. Your biggest fear.

       Being broke

  1. Your favorite blogger/Youtuber.

      Nikki tutorial

  1. Best tip you can give to a new blogger.

Have fun and write based on what you think….

  1. We all need to relax at some point. What do you do to relax yourself?

     Hot shower,spa,facial…

  1. As a woman, what hurdles/difficulties do you face in the society you are a part of? How are you dealing with it?

Having to work on a day job and managing household at the same time….. Trying to organize and balance my time and sometime get my partner to help out. Also separate task one by one and do those that are convenient first..

  1. What is your dream job?

Make up artist or a traveler..








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