I’m so excited to be sharing the content of this awesome post with you all. You know why? Obvious! We experience bloggers’ block once in a while and it is not that easy to deal with. There are times when I just go blank and have no idea at all on what to write about. I started this blog mainly to review beauty products but never did I intend to buy the latest products every time there is a new release. It is just not practical. I don’t have that much money to spend. I am sure no one can do that with the exception of few who really have the money to do so. So when you are out of stuff to review on, that’s where you start thinking of other ways to keep your readers engaged with something else.

I started planning a lot of makeup looks, DIY’s , tips & tricks etc. But still these aren’t enough. We need topics that are less expensive, with no investment, creative , interesting, cute and what not. When I’m busy with other work like cooking, washing, shopping , that’s when fabulous ideas come to my mind and I always think of writing them down after I am done with my work but end up forgetting them. So I decided to write them down immediately as they pop up my mind, I made a note in my Samsung Note 3, I have a small diary in my kitchen drawer, sticky note on my washroom mirror, diary in my purse, name it and you will find something where I can just pen down what’s in my mind. For now let’s make use of twenty beauty blog post ideas, I promise to share with you all the rest of the topics really soon.

So hoping to be able to help all my fellow bloggers , here are 20 ideas for all.

  1. Drugstore products reviews
  2. High-end product reviews
  3. Dupe alerts
  4. Monthly/yearly favorites
  5. Home made skin care remedies
  6. Hair care products review
  7. What’s in my purse
  8. What’s in my makeup bag
  9. Makeup looks ( try giving different looks for different occasions)
  10. My morning routine skin care products
  11. My night time  skin care products
  12. My holiday must haves
  13. My Summer/Winter Must haves
  14. Top 10 Products for Fall
  15. Favorite brushes / Favorite Blending brushes.
  16. Makeup tips for beginners.
  17. Easy beauty hacks
  18. Skin care tips for oily/dry/combination skin
  19. Must have drugstore/high-end products(you can specify into must have foundations/bb creams,face primers etc)
  20. Share beauty related stories, like your experience in MAC store or with an MUA, funny or unforgettable makeup stories. 

Hope you will find this helpful and let me know by commenting below if you want similar posts in future.

I believe in helping each other grow <3



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  1. Your posts are something that i look forward to,they are so consize to the point and just plain awesome..i look up to u as a blogging mentor.Cant thank u enough for sharing these tips as i am just a beginner and i always myself getting blocked of ideas.