2015 nude lipsticks, favorite nude lipsticks, light lipstick

Few days to go before we bid 2015 farewell. I thought of sharing with you some of my favorites for the year and split it into different posts so not to make it too long. The first I have here today are my nude lipsticks. Regarding lipsticks, I can wear any color any time of the year.

These are the lipsticks I have been using a lot , few I have just started but couldn’t get my lips off them ever since I tried 

2015 nude lipsticks, favorite nude lipsticks, light lipstick

  1. Arcancil Paris Mat hysteria- These lippies will be available in the stores in January 2016 and I am definitely going to get more shades as they are really good and very affordable. Check my full review here.
  2. L.A Girl Matt Pigment Gloss- probably the very first matte liquid lipsticks I owned and I have 11 shades from this range.❤Click the lips to check full review. 
  3. Prestige Matte Lipsticks- This year I thought of trying a new brand, Prestige. Well they aren’t new but for me they are as I haven’t tried any of their products. I bought some lipsticks and their golden jumbo pencil which I really love. Their matte lipstick are really good ,well at least the nude shades I got. I also bought an orangish shade which turned out to be the worst of all lipstick formulation I had.

  Review of Prestige Jumbo Eye Pencil

4. Sleek Matte Me This one is the most favorite not just mine but of a lot of girls I know. I think this shade is universal, they suit all skin tones and can’t express much about how much I just love it. Click the lips to check full review.

So these were the brands that won my heart with regards to nude mattes. I am so eager to see what 2016 brings for me. <3


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  1. I’m not into make up and totally no idea when it comes to these make up stuff *i’m embarrassed lol* my relatives had to do my make up during my graduation and nikkah of my aunt lol. but I adore that shade of la girl fleur. <3

  2. Fab. I play around with lipsticks for fun or when spending time with sisters but don’t have favourites. Although, I’m definitely not into the pinky ones.