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This post is going to be one of my favorite. Let’s face it, I love red lip products and I own a decent amount of red ones. Choosing my favorites wasn’t hard at all because when I like a makeup thing, I usually keep them right under my nose where it is easy for me to grab them.

So here are my favorites lipsticks for the year 2015, I have tried many brands , thanks to my blogging  and the journey just continues. 😀

Here you go gals, my final picks for the year.

2015 redlipstick-rimmel provocalips-avon mat ruby-glamgals lipstick-mat hysteia-stilabeso-nyx high voltage hollywood

  1. Glamgals Color stay dual lip gloss- Wear this on its own or top it with the transparent gloss for a shine, this lipstick is perfect esp during winters when my lips become really dry. Check full review here. 
  2. NYX High Voltage lipstick in Hollywood- I love these ones, I owned a lot of colors 2 years ago but was robbed by my friends who very easily just took mine and said “get new one for yourself” It took my a while to get over that agony of loosing lipsticks but then I thought, hey new lipsticks. Yay!!!
  3. Avon Mat Ruby- Avon is known for having a wide range of lipstick to offer to their customers. While some of their lipsticks are not worth buying at all, most of them are a must have! Their mat lipstick range is definitely worth trying, they are creamy and aren’t drying at all.
  4. Stila in Beso- I have just recently reviewed Stila Holiday set which have 3 mini liquid lipsticks in it. They are one of the BEST liquid lipstick that was ever made. So worth the money and is everything a princess wants in a tiny package. Check my detailed review here.   
  5. Arcancil Paris Mat Hysteria- Arcancil Paris has made their game stronger by bringing out these liquid lipsticks which will be available in their outlets from January 2016. Such a great deal for the quality offered. Totally impressed. Check review here.

red lipsticks swatches-2015 favorite 2015 redlipstick-rimmel provocalips-avon mat ruby-glamgals lipstick-mat hysteia-stilabeso-nyx high voltage hollywood

So these were my faves, which one from these do you like?

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