It is quite challenging to find beauty products ,be it skincare or makeup products in general but in Dubai , it is just almost impossible. But today, you will find out the hidden gems.

The brands mentioned in this post are the ones that I have tried over the period of three years since I started blogging. Some are very old finds and some are recent finds but for sure are the ones that I have tested thoroughly.

Essence Cosmetics

Essence products are almost unbelievably reasonable- normally, you’d assume anything that inexpensive would be bad quality, but surprisingly they are amazing! And for my fellow animal-lovers out there, all Essence products are produced in an animal-free testing environment!

My favorites:

  • lip liners
  • ALL their mascaras
  • Metal shock eyeshadows
  • blushers

Their eyeshadow palettes are also good though do not expect them to be comparable to the ones you can get from Sephora. They are pigmented but not too much , blend ability is good and even the color combination.

In Dubai, you can find this brand at Spinneys, Day to Day, Choitram’s and most grocery stores.

Wet n Wild

Wet n Wild is another brand that will see a lot around in Dubai’s leading grocery stores like Carrefour, Choithram, Day to Day etc.

Dig into all their collection you will be surprised by the amount of really good products you will find. Their products are super affordable though a little higher than the Essence range but still very much pocket-friendly compared to the other “Drugstore” brands available in this region.

My Favorites:

Photofocus foundation

Eyeshadow palettes

Mega Last matte lipsticks

Megaglo highlighter powder

Mega liner

H20 Eyeliner


wet n wild dubai


This brand is a little costly than the first two we have covered until now but if bought online, you will find really good deals as they are almost always on 60% off. You can find them on www,bloggerssouk.com 

I cannot list my favorites as there are many of them. The foundation is amazing, wet n dry foundation, Blushers and bronzers , highlighters etc. Not a big fan of their lipsticks though. Please watch the video below for some favorites.



This is another shockingly affordable makeup brand you need to check out. Their products could be a hit or miss just like any other brands. But once you get to try them, you can easily identify the ones that really stand out from their collection. Some of my favorites are their pen liners, 8 eyeshadow palette which are so metallic are amazing, you can try their 35 shades palettes , they have fall outs but they do blend beautifully and so if you are a beginner it could be a good palette to start with. Their eyelashes are some of my favorites because of how easy and light they feel on the eyes. They also have some contour and corrector sticks which is of very good quality.

Their shop is located in Naif Market by the name Arcad Trading. Kindly check the post above on Instagram to find link to their account.


This is another brand you can find from Arcad Trading, Naif Market near Dubai Gold Souq.

Just like Debela18, they have some really amazing products you need to try. Their foundation sticks are amazing, single eyeshadows , eyebrow powders, pressed powders, mattifying powders and their two way cakes are some of my favorites.

Hope this post was helpful to some of you. If you liked it, let me know down below and I will do a part 2 of this post with more amazing brands as I am testing quite a few right now. While I found these brands in Dubai, I am sure they will be in most of the emirates in UAE.




I have mostly purchased Essence, Wet n Wild and Misslyn products however I was sent products from Debela 18, One on 1 and Misslyn also. This fact is not going to affect the credibility of my opinions.


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  1. I ve bought almost everything from the kiosk of essence on ur recommemdation n i m loving it..its soooo budget friendly n also fulfils ur makeup satite.
    Love To Veena