Do you have that Castor oil bottle lying in your kitchen cupboard that makes you scratch your head on what to do with it? It is very sticky and this could be the reason you do not reach for it more often. Let me help you with that.

I have used castor oil a lot, since a couple of months now and actually am amazed by how much it can be of use.

The following are how I use them. I hope this will work out for you the same way it did for me.

  1. Longer eyelash– I have read about this and heard people say, but never believed till I did. Apply castor oil on lash line every night. Have patience as nothing in this world will give you results overnight. It will take a couple of weeks to get those thick and longer lashes.
  2. Hair Oil- since castor oil is very good for hair growth, I mix a portion of it to some of my favorite hair oils like coconut, almond, black seed oil etc. It works wonders. You can check my hair oil recipe HERE.
  3. Fuller brows– since it works for lashes, why not use them for to grow brows too? Thin brows are so not “in” so if you want to save sometime doing brows during makeup, grow them naturally with this oil.
  4. Skin Moisturizer– Castor oil has properties that will help skin health and in fact it will help delay aging process. Mix it with other oil like Jojoba(if you are oily), Olive(if you are normal) or coconut (if you are dry). Please work on the amount carefully as this oil is very thick and greasy so just a tiny bit is good enough.
  5. Cracked Heels– I have used like 50 different creams and oils to treat my cracked heel and castor oil did an amazing job with it.  Apply on affected area and wear socks, before going to bed.

P.S I heard it is also good in making stretchmarks disappear, so I have just started this one. If it gets my stretchmarks lighter, I’d be glad to let you all know.

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  1. I applied on my lower eye lashes for three weeks and I’ve seen positive results. Also I been using it on my face along with olive oil and I’m loving it. Plus I also use this olive-castor oil mixture to remove makeup especially removing mascara as it breaks it making it more easier. There are my observations based on my personal experience