How many of you would pick a nude lip or eye pencil? I think barely none. But do you know that this product can be very helpful in your makeup routine? Read along to know how I use them.

Many brands carry nude liners for eyes and/or lips so it is not really a big task to look for one that suits your taste. But below are some of my guidelines on what you need to check when buying one. 

  • should be creamy so it glides on skin smoothly- most of our pencils become so dry after sometime that it is so hard to get the intensity of color on our skin at the same time it doesn’t apply easily
  • pick a shade with a little pink to make it look natural
  • retractable or twist up as I hate sharpening.

My favorite one to use is Essence Long Lasting lip liner in 09 Purely ME. I know it is a lip liner and not an eye liner or corrector etc, but I could care less as it has the best formula and performs really good.


Another type of nude pencil is labelled as eye liner, corrector etc.



But I am not a big fan of this because the formula is dry and it needs a lot of sharpening.

6 Ways to use Nude Pencils for Makeup

makeup hack

To clean up brows and highlighter for brow bone








As an eyeshadow base and to cover pigmented eyelids








As a pencil liner for waterline to give the illusion of bigger eyes






As concealer to cover any marks







As a lipstick base to cover the pigmentation on lips and make any light color pop bright. 






To clean up lipstick by outlining the lips.



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  1. God !
    soooooooo many uses !
    I loved the part abt covering tiny scars
    you know even actress Rekha uses it in water line for bigger eyes