Most requested post people!! Yes,all about foundations. I’ll try to make this as short as possible and as easy to understand. This post is all about the commonly used types of foundations and the applicators to use for them.

Let’s just get started.

liquidfoundationand brushes

# Fingers– way before the brushes were invented, people used fingers. I have seen everyone in my family apply using fingers when I was little. Sometimes I use fingers, but I find it time-consuming and the result it gives isn’t really satisfactory. Maybe it is just me.

Can be used for:

  1. liquid foundation
  2. BB Creams
  3. stick foundation

#Flat Foundation Brush– This is a brush that I haven’t come to terms with. I find it difficult to use for foundation as it leaves those streaks behind and makes face look dirty and uneven.  Though I have seen many using this brush effortlessly and they do it really well, just that it I feel it needs expert hands. However, when I find my favorite brushes dirty and am left with no choice than to use this brush, I apply foundation using the flat foundation brush and blend using a beauty blender or sponge. You literally can use it like the way a paint brush is used, apply foundation on the direction of hair growth.

Coverage: Low to medium

Can be used for:

  1. liquid foundation
  2. BB cream
  3. stick foundation

#Flat Top Kabuki Brush– My favorite brush to apply foundation. Its dense bristles gives medium to high coverage and makes blending process very easy. The flat surface lies on to the skin very nicely and applies foundation evenly.

Coverage: medium to high

Can be used for:

  1. liquid foundation
  2. BB Cream
  3. stick foundation

stick foundationand brushes

#Stippling brush– Another most commonly used foundation brush is the stippling brush, but again very challenging for those not used to with it or beginners. It took me a while to learn how to use it and it is best used when you are going for a natural look. The bristles are very soft and not dense  as the kabuki brushes. With this brush, you “stipple” the foundation on the pushing the product on to the skin but with very light hands. If you have very dry skin, this brush might not work for you , however with good moisturized skin, things will work.

Coverage: sheer, light

Can be used for :

  1. Liquid foundation
  2. BB Cream
  3. Stick foundation (if not too dry)

cakefoundation, beautyblender, sponge

  #Beauty Blenders|Sponge Wedges–  I use sponges to blend and not apply. If I have to use a sponge or beauty blender , I first apply using anyone of the above mentioned brushes, then blend using sponge in patting motion. Use them damp is what people say, but I use them dry for full coverage esp for concealing. The bigger sponges are best for face and the smaller ones like the wedge or the pointed part to reach the corner parts of face like under eyes, inner corner of eyes, side corners of nose etc.


Depending on foundation and in my experience, when used dry it gives full coverage.

Can be used for:

  1. liquid foundation
  2. stick
  3. cake foundation- use damp sponge for this type of foundation

The following are my suggestions for a good and affordable brushes. I suggest getting brush sets instead of individual as they are affordable but if you have brushes already and just need 1 or 2 then go for individual.

  1. BH Cosmetics
  2. Coastal Scents
  3. Makeup For You- Can be bought from
  4. Morphe Brushes
  5. Real Techniques- You can buy from Lifestyle if you live in UAE or from any online seller.

For high-end brushes:

  1. Sigma
  2. Bdellium – can be purchased from and

The above are what I have tried but there are many others in the market, you can just research about it. 🙂



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