Yes, you heard me right. ChriXina Rocca is a brand that offers us beauty products mostly under AED50. How cool! So, Carrefour had 50% off on beauty products yesterday(20th Match 2018) and I got a chance to check out this brand there. I was sent all the products mentioned in this post but I wanted to check their other products too to be able to get more idea of the brand. Let me tell you, I regret not getting their face powder. It was so soft! But I’ll definitely get it even with no sale, however their products are so affordable that sale or no sale, it won’t hurt your pocket. So, you can check them out if you wish too , else check them at Xpressionsstyle

ChriXina Rocca



Their silky eyeshadows in the shade smokey are truly silky to the extent that you need to use very light hands on them else you will ruin them in the pans. It has one matte and eleven shimmers shimmer shades. The shadows are pigmented and lasts long.

Chrixtina Rocca, xpressionsstyle

As mostly are shimmers I love to use my fingers to apply them like I always do however I still need to try their matte palettes to be able to speak for those. The matte shade in this palette is white so I haven’t really gotten much use of ti where I needed to blend like crease shades. Will update you all on matte shades soon.

Chrixtina Rocca , xpressionsstyle





Made in China

This palette retails for AED49 and available in Carrefour and Xpressionsstyle

Eyebrow Powder

Chrixtina Rocca , xpressionsstyle , eyebrow powder, dubai makeup

Chrixtina Rocca Eyebrow filling powder is a highly pigmented one with a silky smooth applicator to fill. The shape of the applicator is favourable to put thin and thick strokes. Put more pressure while applying for bolder results. How to apply: Twist before use, apply to clean dry brows. This product I found really interesting because it was my first time to use this kind. I found it perfect after using eyebrow pencil to give the natural finish look to brows.

Available in 3 shades

Made in Germany 

This palette retails for AED29 and available in Carrefour and Xpressionsstyle

Eyebrow Pencil

Chrixtina Rocca , xpressionsstyle

Chrixtina Rocca Eye Brow Pencil helps you to draw small, light strokes along the brow contour. Lines will last up to 6 hours. The brush on the cap helps to tame the brows before applying the liner and for spreading the shade after application. Use the brush upwards and outwards to blend and set brows.

Chrixtina Rocca , xpressionsstyle

Available in 3 shades

Made in Spain

This palette retails for AED12 and available in Carrefour and Xpressionsstyle

Black Dip Liner

Chrixtina Rocca Black Long Lasting Dip Liner is specially designed for winged liners. The liner is extra pigmented, so a little amount is required for a dark liner look. The brush is soft yet strong enough for a perfect winged line. It lasts long for 5 to 6 hours without any fade or smudging. How to Apply: Use small stroke to draw dashes along the lash line, applying slightly more pressure will draw a thicker line. Your line should start thin in thin in the inner and get thicker towards the outer corner.

Made in Spain

This palette retails for AED19 and available in Carrefour and Xpressionsstyle

Vitamin E Nail Polish Remover

For someone who loves nail polish remover but at the same time have the need of removing it from time to time, I am on the look out of good and effective nail polish removers and what is better than having one with Vitamin E? Yes, this very affordable product from Chixtina Rocca is infused with goodness of vitamin E and also is very effective. Removing nail paint was much easier.

Made in Turkey 

Available in Carrefour and Xpressionsstyle

Have you tried anything from this brand? Let me know your experience.





Disclaimer: Products mentioned in this post were sent to me for review purpose and in noway will affect my honest opinions and credibility.


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  1. I always check their pallettes as they are so pretty when I visit the Xpression store.. But never bought them as I have not seen the reviews before… Looks like they are good..