Nowadays, we women are so much into branded stuff that often neglect all the things we can buy from our very own country’s local market. I am guilty of this for sure. I,for a while forgot that we can actually get a lot of good stuff from Pakistan and it is just a matter of finding the right thing. If we are spending a ton on makeup stuff, why not use that money by buying in our own country sometimes.

So in my last trip, I made sure to try few things and buy some oldie Goldie brands that I have seen in my teenage years. I ended up buying many and tried some stuff, loved some of them and threw away the ones that weren’t worth it at all.

Below are my suggestions for you all to get on your next trip to Pakistan 😉

The Forever Beauty Eyeshadow palette has 24 mattes and 24 shimmers plus 10 blushers that can help you create many looks. The pigmented eyeshadows not only are easy to blend but have a variety of amazing colors.

Price: PKR 1300

Bought from


pakistan face mask

Skin Love Cosmetics Face masks are one of the best face asks I have ever used. They show instant results and very easy to use. They are a must have for sure and best part is they are very inexpensive only PKR35 each can be bought from any local market. I bought from Haroon Market near Serena Moobile market, Karachi.

luscious cosmetics

This eyebrow kit from Luscious cosmetics is something that you might want to try. What I like in this kit is the two shades that we can choose from for our brows and the wax is very useful in holding the wild brows. It is pricey though. Bought from Imtiaz supermarket, Karachi.

green tea makeup setting spray

The Green Tea Makeup setting spray by Kiss Beauty is definitely a great steal for the price. It doesn’t have strong scent, feels fresh and sinks into my makeup blending them soooooo well! Best buy ever!

Price: PKR600

Bought from

Kiss Beauty Photo finish Primer

Kiss Beauty Photo Finish foundation

I do not use primers, but on days when I really feel like using one, this is what I go for because it feels so light and not silicony at all at the same time keeps my makeup stay long.


Heng fang glitter

Heng Fang Glitter Liner:


I love glitter product that do not create a mess and this glitter liner is definitely that one. It gives enough glitter that I want and lasts long. I bought a set of 8 pcs I think.



medora lipsticks

Who doesn’t know or didn’t hear of Medora Lipsticks? If you are a Pakistani, I am sure this name is going to be so familiar. How could we forget the awesomeness of these lispticks. They are so pigmented and long-lasting. A lot of shades to choose from and a perfect gift for sure. Many say these lipstick or mostly drugstore lipsticks darken the lips, well I didn’t face any such problems. Here is an extra tip, if you think your lips are becoming dark, better visit a doctor and get yourself properly checked and get some tests done, it might be because of deficiency of certain nutrients.

Bought some from Haroon market(PKR110), Karachi and some from Imtiaz Supermarket.(PKR98)

Christine lipsticks

Speaking of lipsticks, there is another brand to try that is Christine. These lipsticks are a must have. Been using them like crazy and one of the shades made into my purse that I carry everywhere I go. Long lasting and pigmented like nothing!

Can be bought from place where you get medora lispticks for almost the same price.

kiss beauty contour kit

Okay I know I look like a fan of Kiss Beauty , you are wrong. I am not a fan BUT a BIG FAN! This kit is so inexpensive and you get 4 products inside that you can use all over face or as a contour/highlight and as concealer. It has medium to full coverage and shockingly do not even crease under my eyes. It comes with four different shades and depending on which shades you choose, you can use them accordingly. Like the kit I got doesn’t have any shade good for contour but the shades are perfect match to my skin and as highlighters so I am using them for that purpose. You can basically mix and match according to your liking.

Price: PKR800

Dr. Rashel Collagen Serum: If you are following me, you’d know I am using this serum for quite sometime now and simply love it.

Many have asked its purpose. I basically like using it before foundation as a primer and for adding moisture. However below are its benefits:

  1. Skin Whitening
  2. Moisturizes skin
  3. Smoothes skin
  4. Activates skin cells
  5. Makes the tired skin looks brighter
  6. Reduces appearance of wrinkles
  7. prevents the appearance of signs of aging
  8. Collagen effective anti-ageing,firming skin and restore youthful skin

Price: PKR700

Bought from


Now this product is just an added extra stuff which you can totally skip. But I just love it esp before foundations of my brides. I use this mainly for my clients to give them the extra glow. It is definitely highly priced but if you are someone who can afford and love to experiment then go for it. Makeup sure you are getting one for your skin type. I was so pissed because I asked the sales lady to get me the mattifying one and without checking I paid. :/

These were all the stuff I suggest for now. I will be posting some more in another posts once I finish trying and testing. Please note, kiss Beauty , Dr, Rashel and Heng Fang products I bought online from and rest of the products I have mentioned already along with the pictures.








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  1. Veena loved ur review i m a fan of christine n medora. N yes you added more to my knowledge thank u so much. U r always helpful.

  2. Great post Veena! I had always loved to buy makeup from Pakistan. There are some stuff here that looks really interesting that I haven’t tried! I must get them when I go this year InshA’Allah!

  3. Loved the Gold serum <3
    What I'm lusting after is the Brow kit…… all the great brow kits are outside India 🙁

  4. I’m wondering if you have a video on swatches of your favourite lipsticks by Medora ? Please take me there ..