While writing the draft for this post, I realized that Maybelline is the Winner when it comes to foundations ,specially for dry skin. You will know why.

I assume you are having dry skin if you are reading this post or maybe, you are just trying to get some extra info to increase your makeup knowledge. Either way, great that you are here because I will be giving you all the biggest and tiniest bits of secrets to a flawless look even with dull & dry skin.

So, having dry skin is not that big of a deal but having a dehydrated skin, is definitely a big NO! If you are already a reader of my posts, you’d know that I always emphasize on skin care. Dry skin and Makeup are two enemies let me tell you that. After applying makeup, there is no way you can fix a dry , patchy skin. Oily skin ones are lucky in this matter, they can use those blotting sheets to remove excess oil and touch up by dabbing some mattifying powder and voila they are fresh! But don’t worry, I got you covered on this.

So before applying makeup, you need to do some prepping for your skin. A good skin is a good canvas for your makeup art..

Skincare for Dry Skin:

This you have to do daily– It is very important to buy products according to your skin type so search for those with these keywords: ‘hydrating’ OR ‘for dry skin’

Disclaimer: * Not all High-end/costly products are the best, you will find good ones from the drugstore too for a very cheaper price, important is consistency*

Morning Routine:

  1. Cleanse/Wash face- You can buy a cleansing milk or a face wash. Wash your face then pat dry.
  2. Toner- Toner is used to close the pores that were opened while cleansing. Applying this is very important other wise dirt or any other particles will easily sit into the pores making it bigger.
  3. Moisturizer- The most important but most neglected product of our skincare. Skin that is not moisturized is like a plant not watered. Now, think how sad it could be. Moisturized skin feels and looks healthy at the same time it plums up your skin which is a huge help to a flawless foundation. When skin is too dry, foundation will enhance all the patchy areas making your foundation look cakey and dirty.
  4. Sunscreen- never ever forget to apply sunscreen before going out in the sun. Get one with at least an SPF50+

Night Routine:

When you are asleep, that is actually the right time to treat your skin as it the time of the day when your skin and brain is relaxed, hence, it will absorb all the beautiful stuff that you are giving to it. So,take advantage of this time and give your skin the best treatment.

  1. Repeat steps 1 & 2
  2. Apply a night cream  – Finding the right night cream can be very challenging and it is the only skin care product where I can push myself to spend a lot. After a lot of research, I actually found the ingredients I want mostly in high-end brands and let me tell you, it is so worth it. All products I use and recommend will be listed at the end of this post.With that being said, if you are already using one and are satisfied with it then continue using. Another option is to simply use oils. Argan oil, Sweet Almond oil, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil and many more! Google the benefits, and you will know. I like making my own oil and here is my recipe. Take care of your skin at night and you will see the result the very next day.

Twice a week :

  1. Scrub/exfoliate skin- another very important step. scrubbing means removing all the dead skin that has become a layer causing our skin to flake up.
  2. Apply Face masks

My recommended brands for skincare: Botanics from Boots Pharmacy, Olay, Nivea, GlowRadiance, Maxon,Ponds, Himalaya

My skincare products:

I have combination skin(dry cheeks and oily T-zone)

  1. GlowRadiance Pura foaming gel ( suitable for all skin types)
  2. Sephora Toner
  3. Coconut Oil as moisturizer
  4. Maxon 100 sunscreen
  5. GlowRadiance Age Defy cream mixed with coconut oil as night cream
  6. Botanics Microdermabrasion Face polish to exfoliate
  7. 7th Heaven and Jeunesse face masks – any flavor

Check out www.basharashop.com to get GlowRadiance and Maxon products with discount and free gifts using my code “Veenagift” , with this code, you get 20% off on your purchase and the buyer will receive a body mist, a body wash or a body lotion free and 3 products samples. If the total amount is more than 300AED, the buyer will receive one very beautiful bag.

They were so nice to give my readers this benefit since they know how much I love the products I am using. <3

Since we are discussing skin care, let me add this information too that you need to have a makeup remover too. Makeup removers are designed specially to remove makeup which your normal cleanser won’t do thoroughly. so, get one makeup remover for all over face and separate of eye makeup removing. If you can get these 2 in 1, then awesome.

My favorite makeup removers are Bioderma, Neutrogena , Nivea eye makeup remover, Sephora Eye makeup remover ,Garnier Micellar Water and GlowRadiance Micellar Water.

Doing all the above steps doesn’t mean you will get results in one day. Have patience and you will eventually see results in about 3 weeks or more.

Now that we have taken care of our skin, let’s move on to the fun part which makeup. Yippie!

Let’s say you have done steps 1 to 3, apply foundation while skin is still tacky due to the moisturizer and make sure it is not completely dry. So the drill is, apply moisturizer/oil , wait for 3 to 5 minutes then apply foundation for dry skin.

Due to the oil or the moisture on your skin, you will see the foundation melting onto your skin making your blending experience very easy.

Recommendations:  The Best Foundations For Dry Skin 

Best Foundations For Dry Skin


In order of preference:

  1. Revlon Colorstay Makeup– One of the best high-end foundation in a drugstore brand. By high-end I mean HIGH in quality. Feels very light at the same time good coverage. Coverage: Buildable
  2. Loreal True Match Super-Blendable Foundation– The only foundation that I found suited for almost all skin types, be it dry,normal or oily, this is my holy grail foundation. It definitely is SUPER blendable with very good coverage but not cakey. Coverage: Medium to High
  3. Maybelline Fit Me– If you want a foundation that feels almost nothing, then this is your best bet. Very light-weighted, doesn’t give much of coverage but evens the skin tone and hydrating enough for dry skin ones.
  4. Maybelline Dream Satin– IT is very difficult to find a FULL coverage foundation for dry skin but Dream Satin fulfilled that wish with its perfect formula,not too thick not too thin, gives a smooth finish and as the name says, it gives a sheer satiny finish to the skin. Coverage: Medium to High
  5. Maybelline Dream Velours– I still remember thinking this foundation will be very good for my oily T-zone since it has the word matte but ended up with lots of oil after few hours of application, hence I tried it on my dry skin days and it worked so perfectly well. The hydration it provides helps in giving the skin a healthy glow but try to apply a very little amount at a time as it can get cakey easily.

Extra Tips For Dry Skin: 

  • Apply oil to moisturizer skin as it gives a very smooth surface to your foundation making it easy to blend.
  • Apply coconut oil under the eyes using ring finger while patting to avoid cracked concealer and creasing.
  • use hydrating spray at the end of the makeup to make sure you skin is healthy and plumped.
  • Exfoliate and apply mask after following steps 1 to 3 , one day before applying full makeup. It will help in nourishing skin and preparing it for your desired makeup.
  • drink lots of water to stay hydrated, results will show on your skin.
  • exfoliate at least twice a week, so you don’t see flakiness after foundation.
  • Set foundation with a hydrating powder.
  • avoid too much powder


if you reached to this point, I would like to thank you for taking out time reading and would appreciate if you can share this as someone might just benefit 🙂


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  1. I have dry skin, this information is very useful and well explained,I tried Garnier miscellar water, it is awesome, will surely try other products recommended products by you.

  2. I have a super dry skin and I have eczema I don’t know ‍♀️ what products to use I’m confused whatever I used before made my skin worse
    Now I don’t use anything and my skin is so so so bad

  3. I have dry skin, so after I cleanse tone and moisturize , I apply sunscreen and is it ok apply foundation over sunscreen?