Summer is here and we need to have all the weapon to be ready to face the heat of the sun,if not beat it. 😀 In this post, I will showcase, my girls’, Co-admins’ Summer Essentials that will help you all prepare for this Summer. <3

A little introduction about these to girls first. Zkash and Aisha are the co-admins of Facebook page Veenazkit, two talented wonderful girls have shared their Summer must-haves. So let’s not waste more time and jump right on to what they got for us ;D

Aisha Says :

summer essential-beat the heat

And its a sunny day.. we have to keep our skin a okay. These are my summer essentials.
Coconut oil- the best natural primer and moisturiser ever.
I use it for the face and body (before shower)
Fine tissue- because it is so important to keep the skin clean and sweat free.
Lemonade/water- skin goals-drink water
Rosewater- the best face mist to wake skin up
Nivea sunscreen- absorbs and stays on (spf is lifeline)
Botanics mattifying cream with spf- even at home you need spf
Sephora toner- cleanse tone and moisturize is my mantra
Nivea lip balm- lips stay va va voom
Coral lippies- coz they are the summerlicious colour
Hand sanitizer- a must have for sweaty hands that keep touching the face
Johnsons face wipes- to keep the pesky dirt at bay
Nivea deo stick- stay fresh and clean and keep the smells at bay
Rimmel stay and protect primer-Spf spf spf.. These are my essentials… what are yours??

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Zkash says:

Summer Essentials

Hot weather and lots of makeup won’t be a smart choice after all. When summer arrives I want my makeup game to be simple and less as possible yet having perfect bronzer summer look. Here are my summer essentials that might help you.
🌞Moisturizer-One should keep skin hydrated as sun is up there to suck all the moist from your skin. My choice is Botanics Shine Away moisturizer. It’s keeps me shine free and hydrated.
🌞Sunscreen-Its very important not to get burn and unwanted tan. This SPF oil by Herbal  Essentials protect you from sun rays and hydrate your skin. And is perfect choice as face primer.
🌞Concealer-A little amouth of concealer on blemishes work wonders. Set it with any powder and you good to go
🌞Face Powder I set my face with this mattyfing powder. As I’ve normal to oily skin. This step is essential to keep my makeup oil free.
🌞Bronzer-Who doenst want a sun kissed glow. Misslyn Hi From Hawaii is a call for it. I also use this as blush too
🌞Higlighter-A little dust of highlighter would double the selfie game . Talk about that glam glow 😍😍😍😍
🌞Lipstick/Lipgloss-Colored or nude lips can go with any look. For colored lips, orange lips are best to rock any summer look and this Nyx Matte Lip shade Indie flick is just everything. For Nude gloss my all time favourite Like by Kylie Jenner
🌞Lip Balm-No one likes to have cracked dry lips. Apply any balm of you choice to keep lips moisturize.
🌞Mascara-Without any doubt blue mascara is what all i think of When it’s summer time. For minimal makeup, colored lashes creates own charm.
🌞Deodrant-Want to stay away from under arm sweat. I got your back. Fresh natural anti-prespitant by Nivea will safe the day.
🌞Body Lotion-To  protect from skin  dehydration, Nivea body lotion provide nourishment.
With shades and hat on, you all set to rule this summer.

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