I always spend each and everyday of my life thinking of ideas on how to impart the knowledge I have about makeup. Today I have tried my hands on makeup pictorial hoping it will help some of you create the look I have for today. Let me know if you like it, and there will be more of this.

I try to create different looks that will cater to almost everyone’s taste(I know it is not possible) but I love doing makeup and trying different looks all the time is something that excites me. I love bold shades but I also consider the fact that many women love to do natural/neutral looks that’s the reason I have more of neutral makeup looks. Today I have a very bold shade to work on , not all will be comfortable with this but it is such a beautiful color and a must try at least once. 😉



Products Used: 

Morphe Brushes Eyeshadow Palettte 35C- click HERE to see review and refer the shades. I have used shade number 16 on the lid and no.15 on the inner part of the lid. I combined 10,11 and 12 for the lower lash line. I have no.23 and 25 on the crease.

Ushas-White eye pencil ( you can use any white pencil) for the water line and black pencil to tight line.

I used any shimmery white shade to highlight brow bone.

Smashbox Full exposure mascara.

No False eyelashes and No eyeliner used.

Key Point: Blend after every step.

With this any light lipstick with pink shades would go very well and if glossy lips, it will look really beautiful as the eye makeup is totally matte.




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