Carly Bybel made me buy this palette. Let me get that straight out. I love watching her videos and seeing her YouTube channel grow throughout these years is truly inspiring. When I found out she collaborated with Bh Cosmetics and came out with this palette, I wanted to have it right away. But as we all know, it is hard to get your hands on makeup products released by the name of YouTube Gurus. People buy them like they are pancakes. So I waited and finally got it.

bh cosmetics- carli bybel palette

The packaging looks cute, it is a card board kind of material and has magnetic closure. With the first look, it is so Carli type, very fresh, elegant and the silverish white reminds me a lot of most of the colors of her background in her videos. It has her name written on it and you can see her favorite penguin too somewhere.

bh cosmetics- carli by bel palette- highlighters for all skin type

The first look of the eye shades really wowed me. They are stunning! The shimmers and metallics are so beautiful. It has 6 eyeshadow and 4 highlighters. Of course you can use any of these as eyeshadow or highlighters. It has 5 matte shades and the rest are shimmery shades.

carli bybel palette swatch

The shades on the first row is a mixture of 4 matte shades and 1 shimmer.


The 2nd row has 4 shimmers and 1 matte.


The bottom row are the highlighters. There are four shades from lightest pinkish to golden which I think is a good variety for highlighter of different skin tones.

My View:

I don’t want to start my feedback with anything negative but I always share my honestbh cosmetics carli bybel palette views. the colors are undoubtedly pigmented, color pay off is amazing and does stay put on the lids for a longer time. Here comes the “but”. Though one can create different looks with the shades in this palette, I feel most of the shades are so similar. Though Carli explained how slightly different they are, it is actually hard to see an obvious difference. The highlighter shades are so similar to the shimmer eyeshadows except for the brown, bronze and the top right matte shade and the one below that. I just feel there should have been other shades, bright ones maybe. If not bright, some shades that will help create different looks. I used this palette many times as one can imagine, created different looks but mostly looked the same maybe because of the similar shades in the palette.

The shades feel very soft which is really good but there is too much of fall outs(mattebh cosmetics carli bybel palette shades only). After dipping the brush in the pan, I see as much of product falling out as product on the brush which I think is a waste. I know it is normal for eyeshadows to fall off like that , but shouldn’t be this much considering the fact that I expected a lot as it is a product with Carli’s name on it and BH cosmetics is one of my favorite brands. I love many of their products though I am not a big fan of their eye shades, I think this palette is a very well improved formula, pigmentation-wise.

Now let’s talk about highlighter. It has 4 shades to choose from which I think is very good as skin tones from light to dark can have options. The two shades in between are, I believe universal and will suit many skin tones. The ones on the extreme left and right is limited, you either have to be very pale or very dark. I always like to make use of what I have the most and I use these shades as eyeshadows too and they still look pretty.

I got this palette for AED85 from Facebook seller, she has no page so you can message me if you want to buy from her or go to BH Cosmetics website and grab your product from there.

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  1. Yes i do agree that eye shades and highlighters in this palette are somewhat belongs to same color family, which has stopped me not to buy this palette unfortunately. Thank u so much for your honest opinion girl!!