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DIY Face Oil for all Skin Types

diy face oil

One of my most love and hit face oil recipe is here. LOL It has been on my Facebook page since 3 weeks but I don’t know how did I forget posting it here. Better late than never, right? Let me tell you first why I love this oil and how and when I use it. I have designed this…

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DIY Oatmeal Face Masks

Here you go guys, another home-made recipe for you skin. This would suit all skin types and is beneficial for acne prone , dry and sensitive skin too. Even for normal skin types, this mask will do no one any harm and instead is very good as oatmeal contains amino acids that are beneficial for skin’s health, it is hypoallergenic…

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DIY Loose Eyeshadows- How To Make Use of Old Eyeshadows

Here is a fun way to use old eyeshadows lying in your drawers for ages. Why not re-fresh them and make use of them to get the best of your eyemakeup. What you need: Old/New Eyeshadow Disposable Knife or Spatula Plate/container Eyeshadow Brush Makeup setting pray/ Eyedrops/ Water  


Beauty Tips- DIY Luminous Face Primer

An easy peasy beauty DIY is here today. We are going to make a Luminous Face Primer. Suitable for all skin types. What you need: Face primer Liquid iluminator/highlighter Foundation Watch the Video to see how to make it. 🙂  

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Review & Demo-Artificial Nails from Daiso Japan

Recently I tried jumping into the bandwagon of artificial nail art. Now, let’s keep aside “art” and talk about the artificial nails please LOL. Putting them on is so challenging and working with very long nails, is just not me. Kudos to all those who have those very long nails 24 x 7 be it natural or artificial nails. I…

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Home Remedies for Dark Circles

This is the most requested post I ever had since starting my blogging journey. Many of us face issues regarding skin pigmentation, discoloration and imperfections a lot. Sometimes we are just too busy to even notice them not unless it becomes worse. But it is never too late to start taking care of yourself specially your skin. There are many…

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