It’s Thursday again and if you have read the post here, you would know by now that every Thursday I dedicate my time in visiting my fellow bloggers’ blog specially those following me and subscribed to me and try to comment and share my thoughts on their posts. Today, I’d like to do something different. I always promote helping eachother and I would like to connect with you guys on twitter. I mean why not? Won’t it be fun if we follow each other and exchange tweets, rather than having fake followers who are just there for the sake of getting followed back. This way, we know we are sharing the same interests and would be great to interact there too. I visited few blogs already and followed those whose twitter link I can find in their blogs, but for those who didn’t put the social media widget, it was difficult for me. So just comment below with your twitter usernames and I will follow you 🙂

Here is mine.



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  1. I thinks it’s a great idea that you have dedicated a particular day to do read blogs! I catch up on reading as and when but I think choosing one day a week will make some organisation!