This time I thought of trying a brand for the first time , that is, Deborah Milano. I didn’t know much about the brand till I saw their display in our nearby Mall. So I thought why not check out what good products they have.

The sales lady told me it is an Italian brand , so upon hearing the word “Italy” I just had to give it a try.. I don’t  know but it is just how “Italy” does magic on me. I bought 2 products from them, blush and a lipstick. I did try their eyeshaows but nothing wow with those.

Deborah Milano- Natural effect blush
Deborah Milano- Natural effect blush

The packaging is beautiful and the blush itself is so adorable too.


1. Matte finish

2. Long lasting

3. Very Pigmented

4. Very soft at the same time velvety.


Price(Should have been cheaper) – Their price range is almost as Loreal. for someone like me ,who isn’t familiar with the brand, I am hesitant to spend as much as I can for Loreal.

Next I bought was a lipstick. I”ll update prices once I find the receipts. Promise!


I’m also into matte lipstick and so was the reason I bought matte. This is the shade, Atomic Red Mat Lipstick. I have no idea why it has the word “red” as it has nothing to do with the color at all. However , this is exactly the shade I was searching. I was looking to add more to my daily wear collection and nude is my top fave.

Deborah-Atomic Red MAt liptick
Deborah-Atomic Red MAt liptick

Can you see how beautiful the color is. ^-^ Ahh! I’ve been using this ever since I bought it. It might not suit the Indian/Pakistani skin tone, well I too have the same skin tone, but I don’t wear this without prepping my face. I suggest you to apply BB cream or a light foundation when wearing this, if you are wheatish skin toned or you’ll look ill 😛

addtext_com_MDUzMjQwNDQzNjI3It is creamy,very easy to apply, glides on smoothly and best part is , it stays on for longer time than expected. My concern with matte lip colors as I mentioned earlier, is they make my lips dry and chapped:/ but this one is just perfect!

Additional tips: Exfoliate & condition your lips before applying lipstick specially matte ones, or your lips will look very dry. We don’t want that,right? 🙂




Another thing I’d like to point out here is the packaging of the lipstick, the physical appearance. I’m someone who just likes to scrutinies each and everything that comes in my hands specially make up.

Deborah Milano-Atomic Red Mat Lipstick

The color combination, black and red looks really nice, the tube is made of matte finish plastic which I kind of like.What I don’t like is the shape of the tube. I find it strange somehow, it is curved from one side and I just don’t get it. I wish I knew why they gave this shape to its cover.

So if you ask me if I’m happy with these, I’m going to say yes! I’m pretty much happy with what I got for the price spent.

Thanks for reading everyone <3


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