difference between bbcream and foundation -Benefit Big Easy BB CreamHi Peeps,

Today’s post is something that I have been asked a lot and so I thought why not summarize everything as I do not want to go into the details of each and every teeny part of it. To be honest, I don’t understand and you won’t even understand if you go to the technicalities of everything. So what I will share with you are points that I believe is very easy to understand by everyone.

Karaja Photo Finish Pore Minimiser Foundation
Karaja Photo Finish Pore Minimiser Foundation
  1. COVERAGE – Foundation offers different coverage from light to medium to full while BB Cream has light coverage mostly. Foundation can cover up most of the imperfections while BB creams can even skin tones instead of covering any blemish. It is just like a moisturiser with a little bit of tint of makeup.

    2. SHADES- With foundation, we get a lot of shades to choose from for all skin tones while BB Creams mostly has light, medium, dark .

    3. SKIN BENEFITS- BB creams are designed for skincare purpose like the creams we have in our skincare regimen. It has ingredients that will benefit our skin like moisturising, anti-aging etc while foundation doesn’t have that usually. Although there are few makeup lines that offer makeup with skincare benefits and those are priced very high while BB is way cheaper.

Benefit Big Easy BB Cream
Benefit Big Easy BB Cream

      4. SUN PROTECTION- It is not always that you will find foundations that has SPF in them while BB gives your face that makeup glow as well as protect skin from the sun.

     5.APPLICATION- Foundation has a lot of requirements, baby. With the different types of consistency , you need a specific tool for application when it comes to foundation as it will affect the coverage and totally depends from person to person on preference. Like for example, most of the time, many would like to use beauty blenders for cream foundations or would like the kabuki brushes for liquid ones depending on the coverage they want while BB Cream gives you the same result when used with fingers or brush. So , BB says no need to waste time, girl.

If you are someone who already have a very good skin, BB cream would suit you a lot for daily use and you can avoid foundations. But if you have a skin with a lot of imperfections to cover then foundation is your choice as it would do the job well. And if you are someone like me who just loves makeup, then go apply whatever you want 😛

So these were my 5 differences of foundation and BB Creams, do let me which ones you prefer to use and on what occasions.


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