One of the most commonly asked questions is, Can I contour using Bronzer? I admit, I too did this at some point. I faced certain issues with makeup that were my biggest concerns, like:

  1. too orange face
  2. muddy  shade
  3. dirty look


Bronzer, as the name says is for “bronzing”. That’s it. No further explanation needed. LOL. Kidding. Don’t worry, I will elaborate this 

So, bronzer gives the face a sun kissed glow that naturally sun would give to our skin. So, it is more of orangy tone. Like any other makeup products, here too you need to choose one according to your skin tone. If you are very fair, you go for light brown with orange undertone and as the skin goes darker, the orange undertone goes darker too. Got it?

For bronzing, I personally prefer matte but you can use a shimmer one too but not too glittery. A slight shimmer will give a beautiful sun-kissed glow but glittery will look so fake.

Where to apply?

Bronzer is to be applied on parts of the face where the sun hit naturally, of course , that’s, your hair-line, upper part of cheek bones, bridge of nose etc.

What to use to apply? 

Use a big fluffy brush. You can use a powder brush too. Key, is to dust it onto the mentioned areas above. Remember, a little goes a long way esp when you’re a beginner.

My Favorite Bronzer and Contour Palette is by Morphebrushes


The one on the separate pan is what I use to contour
The one on the separate pan is what I use to contour

A Contour powder/shade is what you use to create or mimic the natural shadows of your face/skin. So if you imagine a shadow, it is more on the gray side which means “cool” tone. By gray, I do not mean the gray alone as it will look so dirty. You need a kind of taupe shade. So , if you are fair you go for a taupe shade according to your skin tone and the darker the skin tone, the darker the taupe. The Brown with gray under tones are mostly towards taupy shades which I find more natural and ideal. NO SHIMMER here!

Where to apply: 

Apply on areas of face you want to push inwards or you want to look slimmer. that is, the hollows of cheeks, nose, jaw line, chin etc. All of this depends on the shape of the face.

What to use to apply? 

For hollow of cheeks, I like to use:

Angled brush if powder

Flat foundation brush if cream

For Jawline, forehead: 

Powder brush for powder

Flat foundation brush if cream

For nose:

Small angled brush

Conclusion, bronzer has orange and contour doesn’t. So can we use bronzer to contour?

Hope you can answer this question now 


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