Probably a question you have either just heard or read somewhere. Why not? When it is commonly asked in all the beauty groups of Facebook or just anyone you know. No need to worry, I got you covered.

Loose Powders

ben nye banana powder, Gosh prime n set

Loose powders literally means as it is. They are powders in loose form and come in different shades depending on the brand. I think all of us are very much familiar with flour, ata, wheat flour etc. These loose powders looks just the same. Now, the shades can come in numbers or names. One of the shades can be Translucent or Transparent. Yes, these two terms are referred to shades not type of powder.

gosh prime n set loose powder

These powders come for different types of skin, oily/dry/normal. They are best applied using fluffy large brush. Most of these loose powders are best for oily skin but if your skin is otherwise you need to check one specifically for your skin.

Some of my favorite loose powders:

Prestige Invisible mattifying powder(oily skin)

Gosh Prime n Set (oily skin)

Paese Rice Powder (dry skin and oily skin)

Paese Bamboo Powder (oily skin)

Pressed Powders

paese cosmetics mattifying powder

Pressed powders, as the word says “pressed” are literally pressed in a pan which means  they are not loose. They are also called compact powders. They come in different types for oily/dry/normal skin with different shades in numbers or names. Again, just like loose powders it has shades like transparent and translucent along with other shade names.

Pressed powders cab be applied using any large fluffly brush but I personally like using the puff that comes along with it.

Some of my favorite pressed powders:(for oily skin)

Rimmel Stay Matte

Maybelline Matte Maker

Paese mattifying powder

loose-pressed powders

So, in this post, we have understood the difference between loose and pressed powder and that translucent powder means that it can be a loose or a pressed powder with the shade translucent.

Now, what actually is translucent powders and why they are white? These are powders with no tint to it at all. Shade-less, colorless whatever you may call and makes it universal and can be used by all skin colors. If it is a good quality powder, it will not look WHITE on face, if over applied it can look whitish.


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  1. My favourite post is “Difference between,pressed, loose and translucent powder” bcx in this post you have explained the difference in very descriptive manner and post completely covers all the topic 🙂

  2. Thanks veena for clarification…it’s was like a night mare for me to distinguish between these two powders..and ma sha allah u explained it so well that I got all my answers.
    Mayaz Allah bless u my dear

  3. Gal u rock! Finally someone cleared my doubts n explained it so well, could u pls mention some good powders for dry skin.