So I tried this recipe of Dinner rolls on the 1st day of Ramadan 2020 and it was a hit. I watched at least 6 youtube videos before deciding and putting together my version of it. I am not a good cook but I will admit getting inspired when there is demand. LOL

So here is my recipe.


All purpose Flour 2 and 1/2 cups ( I used chakki ata /whole meal wheat flour)

Milk 1/2 to 1 cup

Butter 3tbsp

yeast 1 tsp ( I used instant yeast)

salt 1 tsp

sugar 1 tbsp

egg 1pc


In a bowl add the flour, yeast, salt,sugar and mix well. Then add egg, butter, 1/2 cup milk and knead well. So our goal is to have the softest dough but not sticky. So if you feel the dough is hard or too dry add more milk but but by bit. You shouldn’t be needing more than a cup. What I learned with making the softest dough is to knead and knead til you get a smooth soft texture. Then I just divided the dough equally into balls, put it in a tray with a little olive oil spread all over and baking sheet on top. Please refer to pics below for more understanding. Then leave the dough to rise for a good 1 hour but make sure to cover it with damp cloth. If your yeast isn’t expired , the dough should rise to the heavens. Just kidding. It will definitely rise well. Once risen , take a mixture of egg and milk in a bowl and coat the top to give the bread top a golden look. Then pop hem in oven till it turn golden. I am not good with giving off temperatures and duration as I just estimate. I promise I will improve. But this recipe won’t take long in the oven. Keep checking after every 10 minutes.

This is when I placed them in baking dish before covering with damp cloth.

The above video will show you how I coat them. Thank God I filmed these small clips just for my reference, I had no idea it would be of use here.

In the above video , you see me popping them in the oven. You van get idea on how much they rose. From the first pic, you see they have good gap and in the video ,they are pretty much sticking to each other.

My feedback on using Ata(wheat flour ) instead of all purpose flour:

The bread’s texture was perfect, it was well made , soft fluffy and tasty but definitely did not taste like a conventional bread. In my household, we are used to using ata as replacement to plain flour to cakes and pancakes, so our taste buds are developed like so. We do this just to get a healthier version of what we eat. So , do keep your mind prepared to have a slightly different taste else go ahead with the plain flour.


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