One of my most love and hit face oil recipe is here. LOL It has been on my Facebook page since 3 weeks but I don’t know how did I forget posting it here. Better late than never, right?

Let me tell you first why I love this oil and how and when I use it.

I have designed this in a way that would suit all skin types and for that, i tested this on different faces and skin types including my students and clients.

How I use it:

As a moisturize, I take around 5 to 6 drops and apply all over face while gently massaging.

As a makeup primer/base and moisturizer before makeup. I will apply around 5 to 6 drops around 10 minutes before applying my foundation. You need to know your skin type. If you have very dry then apply the foundation 5 minutes after this oil and adjust accordingly. We give time to the skin to absorb the oil in. With this technique, the foundation and concealer blends like crazy!

As under eye base, i use my ring finger to apply it around my eyes. That is, under my eyes and on to my lid,very gently. My concealer blends like magic with this technique and no more creasing .

As a night serum, apply generous amount all over face and eyes while massaging gently and wake up to a baby skin in the morning.

Not only can this be used for face, but can be a good hand moisturizer.



50 ml of Sweet Almond Oil

3 to 4 tbsp Pure Coconut Oil , increase if you have very dry skin.

6 to 7 drops OR 1tbsp Tamanu Oil if you have acne prone skin.

Watch the video to see me make it.

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