Turn you lipstick to matte
Turn you lipstick to matte

Hi beauties!

I know this is all over the internet but just wanted to share with you how I’ve been doing it. You guys should try this if you haven’t yet.

You can now turn any of your ‘non-matte’ or glossy lipstick to matte one.

What you need:



Any loose powder(baby powder will also do the work), I used e.l.f HD Powder


Lipstick of your desired shade.


How to:

1. First , prep your lips( exfoliate)

2. Apply lip liner (same shade as your lipstick)-make sure to sharpen it as we want a good pointed nib for outlining.

3. Apply lip liner all over lips.

4. Then , take your lipstick (any lipstick that is non-matte)

5. Dab on it loose powder with finger or brush. You can control the amount of powder depending on how matte you want your lipstick to be.

6. Your matte lipstick is ready. <3

7. Now brush off any powder fall outs with brush, around your lips.

This method not only turns your lipstick into matte but also helps in keeping it long on.

Hope you find this a bit of help. If you do, do comment your thoughts on this, hit like and follow my blog.

Thank You for reading.


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      1. tried it with lipstick with the baby powder and it was definitly more matte as i blot out the excess! i did come across like i guess little lipstick clumps but maybe it was bec i put too much powder or something lol