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Today I’ll be sharing with you a DIY Lips Exfoliator that I’ve been using for quite some time now. 🙂 Due to those unwanted dry skin we end up biting them off which is not a good way to treat your lips. So don’t do that and start exfoliating. Who says you need to go out of your budget to get one, make yours from scratch with everything from your kitchen. 😀

Why do we exfloliate lips?

In easy words, there are times our lips gets flaky, dry and accumulate dry skin on the surface which looks very unpleasant,for that we need to remove that unwanted layer on our lips due to which we exfoliate them.

Easy DIY Lips Exfoliator

What you need :

1.  White Sugar -2 tsp


2. Extra Virgin Oil- 1/2 tspDSC_5108

3. Coconut Oil- 1 tspDSC_5110

4. Honey-1/2 tsp (Optional)– If you aren’t adding honey, then increase quantity of coconut oil to 1.5 tsp


5. Food Color-1 drop (optional and use your desired color)DSC_5112

6. Jars/pots to store your home made Lip Exfoliator.


Add all of the above in a bowl and mix using spoon for 5 to 8 seconds only not much as you don’t want to dissolve sugar.

Then put them in a cute, nice jar of your choice and refrigerate.DSC_5113

Your Orange Lip exfoliator is ready. <3

DSC_5127The other one I make is Brown Lip exfoliator. You will need all of the above ingredients except for the food color as it won’t give a nice color when mixed with the brown sugar. Of course, omit the white sugar 😛


This Lips Exfoliator is good to use for two weeks. I have very dry lips ,I guess it’s the weather in Dubai that’s making me struggle with my lips issues, so I exfoliate my lips every other day and this quantity lasts for about 10 days in my case. If you already have nice, soft lips,exfoliating once a week should be enough.


You can always increase the quantity according to preference, but If you are doing this for the first time, i suggest to stick to this quantity so you get an idea about the quantity. 🙂


Tips: 1. Remove lip exfoliator 3 to 5 minutes before use.

2. While mixing, keep track of the consistency you want as I might have a different choice, If you want a dry mixture,increase sugar, if you want a bit runny mixture then increase coconut oil.

Hope you find this post useful. Thanks for reading.

Stay Gorgeous! ♥



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