DODUAE Products; Worth it?

Dod U.A.E is an online shopping store based in U.A.E. I bought a couple of products to experience their quality. The video will show the details and my review and the pictures posted are the closeups of the items I bought.


The bag below is a designer-inspired bag. The exact color is no longer on their website however link to similar bag is HERE 

It was for AED46.20 ( screenshot below)when I bought but now AED64.05

Screenshot from doduae.com app


The bag below was very disappointing as I wasn’t expecting that material and on top of that, it is really not worth the money.  Currently at AED68.25 check HERE

I bought it for AED54.60 ( pls.see screenshot)

The following bag is my most favorite from the lot. IT is so cute and of decent quality. I bought for AED51.45 and now it is AED87.15 check HERE

The mascara brushes are no more in their website.

The blue summer dress fitted me so well and i actually am loving it. Do watch the video to see my thoughts on the quality. But i like the fitting so much and the design is simple yet so cute.



Website: https://doduae.com/

Overall, I am happy with my purchase. Do let me know below about your experience with this website OR what do you think of these items? I will be giving one of these bags to one of you.



Disclaimer: All items mentioned in this post are purchased with my own money and all opinions and thoughts are honest as usual.

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