Feels so good to think of a high-end brand catering to the fashion needs of the Muslim culture. I was as excited as anyone to hear of the first ever Hijab and Abaya Collection. I am a full-time wearer of hijab and abaya and it is the only thing I look for when it comes to fashion as that’s what I wear and thinking to spend a lot more than what I usually do was kind of okay considering the fact that it is a designer abaya and would be delicately tailored.

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I appreciate the though behind the collection, to offer , us Muslim ladies, options to complete our wardrobe. We already have branded bags, shoes, sunglasses etc and now we can own a designer abaya too. ( Though there are local designer abayas already in the Middle East) I highly applaud the way they displayed their collection with a model covering her head. They could have just showed the abaya,but the veil definitely added to the beauty. We all do have things we love but there is always that “BUT”. The D&G Abaya collection did not impress me at all. While I appreciate the concept, I can’t deny the fact that it is not something that I would spend a lot more than I usually do. The designs aren’t outstanding and mostly aren’t wearable.

Dolce & Gabbana abaya Collection on

Abaya…is a modest fashion. I want to be modest as well as fashionable. So there are two things I have in mind, a dress that will cover me and make me look stylish at the same time. Many of the designs by D&G were something I cannot imagine myself wearing. Well, I can’t imagine anyone in the Middle east country wearing , at least. We would wear the sexiest outfit inside but when it comes to abaya, we want it to do its job at the same time look very stylish and elegant , on top of that, name Dolce & Gabbana is with it, we expect it to be extra ordinary. The abaya designs are like a copy of existing designs. I think D&G should have studied the market first before anything(well hopefully they have).

I just wish I could see myself wearing most of them.

P.S The models need to wear the veil in a sophisticated and stylish way not like these, we wear our veils in a very stylish manner.

Dolce & Gabbana abaya Collection on

Would I buy? I guess answer is clear. NO.

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