I’m hoping that you already know of the brand e.l.f. It is e.l.f haul time. YAY! It is one of the most affordable cosmetic brands that offers a variety of wonderful products to beautify our beautiful faces 

It’s hard to get e.l.f products here in Dubai as they aren’t available in the local market and the only option we have is to order from online sellers. Just heads up here, in Dubai the price difference is too much and e.l.f is priced almost like any other drugstore like Loreal, Maybelline etc so I searched for a place to get them from for a cheaper price and I found iherb.com . I have ordered almost all of my e.l.f products from them but the only problem is they have very limited variety and do not post all products. But whenever I do find sale here and there, I try to grab some stuff to try. It’s been a hit and miss with this brand but I mostly turned out to be my favorites. That will be another post, but in this post, you will all see what I recently ordered from different websites.


e.l.f cosmetics lip conditioner e.l.f lipstickse.l.f Conditioning Lip Balm and Moisturizing Lipstick– while I have been using their lip balms a lot this is my first time to try their moisturizing lipsticks. Unlike many, I am not a big fan of their matte lip colors because of the strong scent it has, so let’s see how things go with these lipsticks.

e.l.f cosmetics- e.l.f contouring blush palette- e.l.f HD Blush- e.l.f Mattifying Powder

e.l.f contouring blush palette- e.l.f HD Blushe.l.f Mattifying Powder : I am a big fan of their Contouring Blush and Bronzing Palette as well as HD Blush. They are pigmented esp the HD cream blush. With the contouring blush and bronzing palette, this is the first time I am trying Turks & Calcos. But I loved St. Lucia and Antigua. Though this palette is not completely matte, however the shimmer in it is not overwhelming and doesn’t really show when applied.

e.l.f cosmetics - e.l.f eye primer- e.l.f smudge pot

 e.l.f eye primer and e.l.f smudge pot: e.l.f has some really good eye primers and they’ve been favorite of many girls. To be honest, I am one of them. I too am a big fan of their eye primers. They truly do their job. But this is the first time I am going to try their smudge pots and I do have high hopes from this.

e.l.f cosmetics - e.l.f long lasting lustrous eyeshadow

e.l.f long lasting lustrous eyeshadow : These are some of my favorites. These are some of e.l.f’s best products I must say. They have a strange texture, liquidy kind of. Very creamy and they are very pigmented. They look so beautiful on the lid and do not transfer to the crease at all. Not much to say, just that they are a must have.

e.l.f cosmetics - e.l.f Lotion Wipes

e.l.f Lotion Wipes: I love e.l.f’s cleansing wipes, they are one of the best that I have used and so I really had no reason for having no desire to try their lotion wipes. Let’s see how it works.

So this were my mini e.l.f shopping , do you own any of the above? What is you favorite e.l.f product?




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  1. Love the eyeshadow base and glitter primer. Try the dermoviva wipes for removing makeup and their toner. I have seen it seriously reducing pores! On myself and others.it is available in Carrefour and lulu too. The green coloured bottle of toner removes excess makeup and shrinks your pores. I did not have to use my effaclar duo from la Roche possay any more! Saves a lot of bucks!