So finally here comes the most awaited post of the season. Yeah, I know I’m late but hey, I remember,right.

It’s a huge task for us women to go to beauty parlors regularly taking the burden on our shoulders with lots of questions. Which product are they gonna be using? Will they be original? Won’t I have any skin reaction? Is it effective? So on and so forth.

Better do it at home regularly and maybe once in a blue moon, opt for salons for extra pampering. I have shared many videos on facial care in my Facebook group Makeup Buddies. You should watch those. But here is the most basic facial you can do at home. For oily skin , twice a week and for other skin types, only once a week.

For this facial, I will feature the Sonya range by Forever living. This range is suitable for all skin types. PLEASE NOTE: DO A PATCH TEST BEFORE TESTING PRODUCT ON FACE.

How to do facial at home:

forever living cleanser

  1. Cleansing: for this step, you can use any product to clean your face. I prefer using face wash and cleansing milk or creams that I can wash off. If you want more options of brands, just make sure to get one that is for your skin type. i.e if you are dry, the product should have “for dry skin” on it. Same applies to all products.
  2. Exfoliate: This will be main part of your facial routine that will give you the extra “care” your skin needs. Apply all over face, and rub gently while massaging in circular motion. This movement will remove the dead cells that causes dullness leaving you with very fresh skin.

3. Mask: After scrubbing, it is important to apply mask. Well at least I do. Some                       people do not really care for applying mask after exfoliating. But I really                               believe it is important to apply one to close back pores ad soothe.

4. Face Toner : This is my favorite part. I would like to add, this is the most                            neglected part too by many. Please do not do that. Toner does a lot of good                        job like bringing back the goodness of skin, deep cleansing and hydrating                           since by this point our skin would be at most almost out of moisture.

aloe vera toner


5. Moisturizing: Moisturizing skin is very important. Many oily skin ones                                 think they do not need to moisturize as their skin is already oily and                                    creams will just make it more greasy. Well, this is partly wrong. All skin                                types need to moisturize. The trick is just to get one for your skin type                                  and it is always mentioned on the label.

6. Face Serum(optional): I like to have this as the last step because the texture is so good(specifically this product) , it makes the skin so smooth that I always feel like touching my face and besides all these, it works as a primer too. The formula is perfect to smooth surface and the makeup products clings to it so well making it last throughout the day.

Interested to watch the mini facial video I made using this products? Watch HERE. 


To buy these products, contact BEAUTY4EVER 




Disclaimer: This products were sent to me for reviewing purpose and I took my time testing them before featuring. 

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  1. Wonderful products
    New brand – thanks for the intro
    Also this way we can do a more through & hygienic facial than a parlour