Here is another mini review from a dearest member of my Facebook page Shruti Mathew. She shares with us her best bought TBS items.
I was randomly smelling some new fragrances and the SA suggested this one and the moment I smelt this, I said “hmmmmmm this is nice.” I was attracted to this fragrance without realizing that it will turn out to be Indian Jasmine 😛 The fragrance is lovely, so calm and soothing that I feel like pouring it again and again on my loofah for a luxurious bath experience.
The body shop shower gel

TBS Indian Night Jasmine 3

Firstly all I could say is I simply adore all products from The body shop.Be it a shower gel or body lotion or night cream.But I would like to tell u about my experience with the body shop shower gel. The shower gel leaves my skin soft and supple and the fragrance also lingers for some time. It lathers well and does a good job of waking up my senses in the morning with a lovely fragrance .If you are looking for a shower gel for its moisturizing properties, then you can easily find everything in it. I would say go for a shower cream, as this is just a shower gel with a lovely jasmine fragrance.Trust me the products leave you fresh and mersmerising. .These products have been shopped from body shop india. ..


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