There could be no other better start for the year 2016 than having to try a new range of skin care products. I cannot have enough of creams and lotions and just everything for my skin. So I have started the New Year trying out products from Maxon and GlowRadiance. But this post is just an introduction to the brands and the products I received. For skin care, I always take my time in reviewing as I am going to use them first then come back with my detailed feedback. You know the drill, right?

I have products from both the brands and so glad to have the opportunity to share with you all. The company was very nice and kind to make me choose products I would like to try according to my skin type or issues I face with it. Just so you know, they have  wide range of products for all skin types.

So following are the stuff I received:


If you are a blogger, you would definitely understand how I feel when I received the packaged in perfect condition , with an official note from the company and a little freebie filled with cuteness …a mirror. I love such gestures. When you feel important, you give importance to the products too. With this being said, doesn’t at all mean I am not going to state honest opinions.  But let us just take a moment of silence and appreciate the packaging? Golds!!! Hah! Gold and elegant. Mind you …it is clearly made with a very high quality material.

Maxon Soft White- reviews- skincare tips-makeupMaxon Glow Soft White- I chose this set of skincare products as it is meant to brighten and lighten your skin. Who doesn’t want that? We all look for something or the other that will do the job for us right? So I thought why not give this a try and if it actually works, I’ll be the happiest to let you all know. These creams come in white packaging, and you get a good amount of product inside. Feels nice to touch and nothing cheap about it. There are creams that tell you clearly this is not going to work just by the feel and touch(you know what I mean), while the Maxon Soft White gives me hope, that I have something worthy to try.

Maxon Hair RejuvenMaxon Hair Rejuven- When I saw this product in the brochure, I was excited like a kid. Been getting a lot of questions from all of you about hair fall, hair growth etc and when I saw that this product actually is meant to help with a lot of hair related issues, I knew I had to try it. The box comes with tiny little jars and nozzles to help with application. Looks seriously medicated. These jars remind me of the blood samples taken for tests in labs while other commercial products in the market usually comes in a simple bottle like shampoos or tubes. Keeping my fingers crossed for this one. I have a little bit of issue with scalp itchiness and I really hope this will help. It has amazing ingredients to nourish scalp , details you will see in my reviews!

Maxon Max 100 Cream- Sun Protection- SPF 50+

Maxon Max 100 Cream- I planned of doing a post about why should one protect the skin from sun. Though I know sunlight is beneficial for skin, I really wanted to talk about how “too much” of sun light can be harmful and to protect skin from that, we should develop a habit applying sun protection creams. This was the reason I chose this products. Though my moisturizers contain an SPF15, I still feel this is not enough specially with the heat in Dubai. SPF+50 was the ideal one for me. I have started using this already, yes I know though the weather is fine now, but I never leave house without applying sun protection cream. So far, so good experience with this, best part is you have shades to choose from and it is not greasy at all.

Glow Radiance Micellar Water-Review- Skincare Tips

GlowRadiance Micellar Water- I have this thing about micellar water. I don’t know why but I think it is just that I had a very good experience with my Garnier Micellar water so I wanted to try another one from another brand and so is the reason I got this. It is a 200ml bottle and I believe you get a good ton of product in this. I love how it looks, the bottle is transparent and it look so beautiful. The packaging is so luxurious!

Glow Radiance Mesolif

GlowRadiance Mesolift – Of all the stuff I received, this is my favorite. I saw the brochure where it says it shows results in 2 minutes. Yes 2 minutes instantly. Though I do not have any wrinkles to fix, but hey we can all tell if we get an instant lift right? So if this really works, I can easily tell. Maybe some of you having some issues with sagged skin around the eyes might benefit from this. Still yet to try. I will try this on camera with you all.  Fingers crossed!

So these were the products I received, a lot to try and lot to talk about. I will be back with detailed reviews of each and every product once I am ready. <3

Go ahead and check them out on Facebook and Instagram to have an idea of what they offer.


GlowRadiance :

These products are available in all Pharmacies in U.A. and Qatar and shortly in other GCC countries as well as online.


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  1. Packaging is really nice thought. I never heard of this product before. I’m biy afraid of trying new beauty products on skin as we apply much other things like makeup on face so I prefer natural stuff like olive/castor oil on face, rose water etc