Hey Glam Queens! We all know the benefits of Aloe Vera,don’t we?

I have some new products to talk about here and a new brand specially here on my website. I was sent these three amazing products by a lovely lady dealing with these cosmetics to test and review and so here I am all ready for it.



This brand is basically under Forever Living. If you do not know yet, Forever living have products with Aloe Vera as their main ingredient. So you know now what you can expect from these.

Flawless by Sonya is infused with goodness of Aloe Vera properties as well as latest innovations of nature and science.

Cream to Powder Foundation:

Company Claims : 9 classic best-selling shades in a new and annotating Aloe inspired formula, transforms from a luxurious creamy texture to a silky powder leaving your skin soft with a healthy and natural glow. Aloe Vera and Orchid extract work together to create the perfect texture that blends easily into the skin to perfect a velvety, silky and flawless finish.

Price: 112.25AED Use the code “Veenazkit” to avail discount on all their cosmetics range <3

My Review: 

Cream to powder foundations are one of those foundation finish that I really like. Specially when I do not want to spend so much time doing makeup, this foundation is my holy grail. Very easy to apply and no powder needed to set. Feels so light on skin as if I am wearing no makeup at all with a bonus of glow. I can carry this in my purse as it is very light and doing touch ups in malls’ restrooms is just easy with this as opposed to carrying liquid foundations around and with it a beauty blender or brush. But of course, mostly liquid foundations won’t need touch ups.

Not a big fan of the packaging as it shows the messy finger prints clearly.

Coverage: Medium

Longevity: 3/5 , Lasted me for 3 good hours

Check pictures below for details.


Flawless by Sonya Cream to Powder Foundation
The box


Flawless by Sonya Cream to Powder Foundation
Flawless by Sonya Cream to Powder Foundation
the compact

Flawless by Sonya Cream to Powder Foundation


Flawless by Sonya Cream to Powder Foundation
This is the inside and below you flip it up and you get a sponge



Aloe BB Cream:

Company claims: It provides an exclusive multi active complex that hydrates, primes,conceals,corrects and offer sun protection while giving the skin a healthy,flawless luminosity.

Shades available: Nude, Sandy, Cocoa

Price: 149.50AED Use the code “Veenazkit” to avail discount on all their cosmetics range <3

Don’t know what is a BB Cream? check out this post HERE to know.

My Review:

I am not a BB Cream person at all but this BB cream for sure makes it to my top shelf where all my favorite products are placed. I can see myself using this more often because it is just the perfect one for me. I have a combination to oily skin by the way and below i will be giving tips on how to use this best for your skin type. But before that, read along to know why I love it. It gives that “glow” that I always wanted from BB creams which I hardly find with other, IT applies smoothly and easily and surely gives more coverage than what other BB creams does. It is long-lasting too, I had it on for max 5 hours an it stayed put. It has SPF20 which is a plus point but definitely not enough during the summers in Dubai. For this weather now, for me it is quite okay. It has really good coverage that all you need is very less products for your face and it goes a long way.

I find this suitable for Normal and dry skin types.

Tips: For oily and combination to oily ones, it still does magic but here is what you need to do.

On clean face, apply your mattifying powder(loose or pressed)all over face then apply on top of it this BB cream and voila, you get a non-greasy , long-lasting beautiful glow for long!


Aloe BB cream, Flawless by sonya BBcream

Aloe BB cream, Flawless by sonya BBcream
the back and sides of the box

Aloe BB cream, Flawless by sonya BBcream

Aloe BB cream, Flawless by sonya BBcream

Delicious Lipstick:

Company claims: Sonya delicious lipsticks create the perfect veil of color for rich luxurious and deliciously flawless lips. 12 shades, from sheer to dramatic are delicately flavored with with delicious vanilla and will leave your lips Delightful and flawless.

Price: AED69 Use the code “Veenazkit” to avail discount on all their cosmetics range <3

My Review: 

The lipstick I got has a metallic finish and it is a beautiful brown metallic shade which is so flattering on my skin tone.Made my lips look so juicy and full. 

I thought since it has glossy finish, it would just bleed like any other lipstick then eventually disappear but I was wrong! It did not bleed and it stayed on for quite sometime. In fact, I ate and drank with that on and lipstick was still there. Of course a little disappeared from centre of lips as it is not a matte liquid lipstick. But nonetheless, I am very impressed with the quality. I have tried only one shade so I cannot speak for the other shades as mostly lipsticks’ performance also depends on what shade they are. But this one is opaque, one coat was enough and I was good!

lipstick by forever living

Flawless by Sonia also has other makeup products like mascara, mineral makeup powder,blush,finishing powder,perfect pair eyeshadow,liquid eyeliner,defining eye pencil,lip pencil, concealer duet and lip gloss.

Interested to buy their product? Contact Ms. Nikhat on Whatsapp on 0556284270


Disclaimer: Products mentioned in this post was sent to me by Ms.Nikhat with a request to review them. All products have been tested by me and used in my live videos in my group and opinion stated in here is totally my honest approach and not in any way sponsored by the brand or person. I do not get any money for the discount code used.



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  1. Very nice review. Cream to Powder foundation seems interesting . I don’t know why i am not a big fan of BB or CC creams lol.
    Thank you for informative review Veena. Keep inspiring us <3