It took me so long to post this review as I was waiting for my printer to get fixed and have some printouts to show off to you guys but no luck with that! Yikes! So I decided not to waste anymore time and just get along with this review as good news is, you do not have to print them out as they are editable which means you can easily fill them even on your computer. But it will be amazing if you print them out , I prefer a hard copy as I am an old school kinda girl , I love writing down what’s in my head using a pen and it registers in this mind of mine forever.

Let me tell you guys that it has been three weeks already ever since I followed this planner and it is amazing. I was already very good with my blog posting schedule but struggled with the rest of the social media platforms. But since couple of weeks now, my problem is minimized a lot as I have already been organized. I have everything written down one or two weeks in advance and not waste time thinking what to post. S sharing with you all now the planner I am using, it is by Simple and Vanessa and what I am using is the 4 Week Simple & Everything Blog success Planner.

blog planner-social media planner-blog content planner-www.

The whole planner is to be downloaded with an editable cover where you can fill in details of your blog.

blog planer-organizeblogginThe planner has everything you need to be organized and have all the necessary blog related information handy.

blog planner-simpleandvanessa-makeupworldbyveena

This is my favorite part of the planner where I get to see everything in one page and it just saved a lot of my time. Totally worth it , all you need to do is fill!!

To check the details of what you can get inside the planner, click here.

To check what this amazing shop has for you, click here. 

All the items are available on and good news is Simple & Vanessa offered a $3 off for this planner. Just use the code SIMPLELOVE and you get the planner for $5 only! Woah! Wait, there is more, they are offering a free Calendar for Social Media and Blog Content so head over to their website now.

All related links to view more awesomeness, do check out her blog as you will get precious ideas from there. 🙂



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  1. Seems a great tool. Very professional. I’m sure a lot of bloggers use it in Pakistan, but they don’t “share”. Also, since I’m new to blogging, most of the freebie sites I’ve checked out do not have Pakistan on their list. If u know any that does, please do let me know. I’d appreciate. Have a great day:)

    1. Hi dear, do follow the link I provided and it will take you directly to their website where you need to just sign up and they send you your freebie calender to your inbox ☺ Also check out the right side bar of my website you will find some beauty blog post ideas and blogging ethics I shared. I am working on a lot more posts for the newbies. ☺

  2. Hey veenaz i really want to thank you for making the lovely page n it is very useful for me…i really want u too keep going this work ur just outstanding… n i hve followed u on instagram n subscribe to ur channel.. I have also hve entered ur amazing giveaway… I really really wish to b lucky to get the chance to use ur giveaway makeup.n thank you so much for the opportunity… N i m so thankful to you…