Having online grocery shopping problem? If you clicked on this article, you must be someone searching for that golden grocery that still deliver on time. Today I will share exactly what I am doing. Mind you,this could change depending on current situation.

As many of us would already know by now, due to Covid19 , many people are home and order groceries and other essentials online hence the reason many supermarkets are overwhelmed with the amount of orders they are getting causing a lot of delays.

I live in an area where there are few grocery stores. even before Covid19, I used to order and they deliver same day. However now, mostly do not even pick the phone anymore to get orders and only one store picks and still delivers but I find their prices a bit higher and also ,they do not have most of the things I’d need. Nowadays, it is kind of a good luck if they also pick calls. LOL

So here is a list of online stores I still order from. What I do is I order things that I’d not need immediately. so it is like 1 or 2 weeks in advance, so by the time I would actually need, they are there.

Online stores for essentials:

  1. Kibsons.som : They delivered on the exact date they promised. So when you go to their website, you can click HERE or on the name KIBSONS and sign up. One you sign up , if you feel that I am helping you in any way ,just kindly put my code “193972” on the “My Referee Information” so I will get some points. Similarly, you can also refer your friends to shop and you earn points. Once you are signed up you can browse and start adding to cart all products you need,once you have entered all address details, you can choose the delivery date. For myself, I chose the 1st available delivery date which was 20th of April and it was delivered very smoothly, the delivery guy waited till I check the items delivered. Once satisfied, I gave him back the box it came with. Now, I will ordering and hope to be receiving them 2 weeks from now. Since I have enough to use for the next 2 weeks.
  2. Talabat : I never used Talabat other than for ordering food before. But this time, the app has been so helpful with groceries. So when you open the app, you click the “Groceries” You will find a list of different stores you can order essentials from. I usually just opt for “Daily by Talabat” which is the very first option on top. You won’ find everything but definitely will find the very basic needs like milk, bread, eggs, yogurt, etc.
  3. Better Grocery : They are located in Street 1 Discovery Gardens, the store I spoke about in the beginning. The only one that would actually still pick the calls. Not sure if they have other branches in other areas of UAE. But if you are around Discovery Gardens, The Gardens, Jebel Ali Village etc, you can maybe try them. Just make sure to explain properly what you need cz they can deliver the wrong stuff.
  4. They say Necessity is the mother of invention so I finally downloaded Instashop. LOL Guys all I would say is download and use it. You get few options of stores you can shop online from be it grocery or pharmacy. And the above store mentioned ,Better Grocery ” is also listed with them by the way. They will also give you an option of the delivery date and time available. Best thing is if anything is out of stock, they will immediately notify you through email or app and offer replacement. Best thing was, when I placed order, my order was not to arrive earlier than 5 days, so by 4th day I already had new list of stuff I actually needed so thanks to Instashop , they have option of “view/add” products, so I added and it is just so convenient.
  5. Last but not the least is Freshtohome. It is an app,you just type ‘Freshtohome” on you Play store and download. Once you order add code” 552126578″ to get 20% off on your first order. Some times, you won’t find much to order but keep checking on the app cz they do update frequently. As of now, they have fresh chicken and seafood. However it’s been a while they do not have fresh meat like mutton, beef etc. Good news is,, they also have fruits and vegetables now. They have always delivered my order on time, the fresh good very clean and packed well.
  6. Did I mention my last but not the least one? Well ignore that because Amazon.ae is the one. If you sign up for Amazon Prime , you will get the best deals and orders delivered quick. Click HERE to signup and use code AMAZON15 for 15% off. Valid till April 30 2020. To shop grocery, Click HERE GROCERY

Here you go, these are all from my side. I know there are many out there, please comment below your suggestions with area you are in.

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