Finally, the answer to your question is here. How to get healthy,glowing skin. The reason you are having a lot of problems with your skin is because of lack of care and attention you give to it. One should take care of skin from a very young age and choose the right products.If you haven’t started yet,it is never too late.

Benefits of having a proper Skincare routine:

  1. Maintain the natural glow of skin
  2. Delay ageing/wrinkles
  3. bye bye to flaky and patchy skin
  4. even skin tone
  5. no or less pigmentation
  6. restore youthful spark of skin


It takes only 5 to 7 minutes every morning and every night to look after yourself,your skin. This  will leave you feeling fresh and well taken care of which we need always. Leave everything that you are doing and JUST DO IT! Your skin will thank you later.


Buy Products that are labelled specifically for your skin type , Dry,Normal , Oily or Sensitive.

My skin type and age for your reference:

I have a combination to oily skin, more on oily in Summers and dry during winters. I am 36 years old and so have all the reasons to be taking care of skin. 😛

My Day time skincare Routine:

For my night-time skincare, click HERE.

  1. Face Wash: 

I am using by the brand Herbal Essentials

I use face wash for obvious reasons. 😀 Wash out all the dirt! Not much explanation needed here, because the more we get into technicalities, the more you’ll run away.

herbal essential face wash

2. Face Toner: 

I am using by the brand Herbal Essentials

This is what I always tell my followers, in a very easy way, that when washing face, the thin layer on top of our skin that naturally protects the skin from dirt is removed hence, face toner is used so that layer is replaced. Apart from this, face toner penetrates skin and suck out the remaining dirt that face wash couldn’t remove.


Use cotton pad to apply. Press on to skin while applying so the products penetrates inside pores.

herbal essential face toner for oily skin, organic skin care

3. Anti-Shine Serum

I am using by the brand WoMn Cosmetics click HERE to check.

I love using this anti-shine serum esp in this very hot weather as it controls the production of sebum as well as hydrate at the same time. Skin feels very soft and supple esp after an hour of application, it feels heavenly. Good news is, it can be used as a primer too by applying 10 to 15 minutes before makeup. This little monster just keeps my skin non-greasy through out the day!

WoMn cosmetics Anti shine serum, serum for oily skin











4. Moisturizer :

I am using by the brand Botanics bought from Boots Pharmacy. I pretty much switch my moisturizer all the time from brand to brand depending on my requirement.

Moisturizer is the heart of skin care in my point of view. That’s just because there is no way , your skin can look good without moisture. Dry and dehydrated skin is so not appealing and invites early wrinkles , so I have a lot of moisturizers. I won’t apply it only once but every time when I feel my skin needs it again.

botanics mattifying gel cream

5. Eye Gel/Cream: 

My current favorite is by the brand Derma-e ( and Herbal Essentials.

We all know wrinkles would start appearing around the eyes, so this for me is that area I cannot neglect. Press the products gently into the socket of eyes to deal with puffiness, fine lines and sometimes dark circles by keeping it hydrated. Can be replaced with Argan oil or Coconut oil.

eye gel

6. Lip Balm: 

Does is sound too much already? Well, not really. Your skin deserves to be treated really well so give it your best. Using lip balm helps with cracked and dry lips esp for those into matte lipsticks.

Using Ted Baker lip balm from Boots Pharmacy

ted baker


So this is my everyday, daily skin care routine for the morning. For night-time skincare, you can check HERE.

The secret to youthful, tight, supple and fresh skin:

Exfoliating skin using face scrubs regularly followed by mask is very important. By exfoliating, you actually are removing those unwanted dead skin for a new fresh skin to come. Never miss the mask, apply right after scrubbing as it gives your skin all the goodness you want.

My favorite scrub and mask combination is the WoMn Vanilla & Lemon Face & Lip scrub and WoMn Get the Glow mask with Veena. It is organic which means NO CHEMICALS!!

womn vanilla and lemon face scrub

Why is this scrub so good?

When fine dark brown sugar becomes a luxury ingredient, you get a paradise for all the senses.
Divine fragrance of caramel and cane enhanced with true vanilla oil and lemon essential oil is exactly what your skin needs. Apply to damp skin and gently massage. Damp skin will dissolve some amount of the sugar resulting in even more enhanced moisturizing effect. Leave it on for a few minutes and you will get secondary exfoliation from glycolic acid present in dark brown sugar. Vanillin and similar compounds from vanilla will calm your skin preventing any redness and irritation.
Now, this is a true delight  for your face, don’t you agree?

womn get the glow mask with veena,, mask for oily skin ,organic mask

Why is this mask so good?

Well first of all, it has my name. hahahah

This mask is my baby , I gave it name :Get the Glow” and my name in it really means a lot to me.

Brands info

Centella gives the skin radiance and beauty, and helps with regeneration and various inflammatory processes. It is extremely effective on the connective tissue and improves its remodelling. This reduces infamous “orange peel” look, but also stimulates the regeneration of tissue scars and keloids.
Neem leaves are regarded by Ayurveda as an effective cleanser. Neem leaves have a powerful purifying effect and help cleanse the skin of toxins. Neem also control excess oil secretion and has anti-bacterial properties which is good for people with oily skin prone to acne.
Moroccan red clay is rich in different ions – iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium and therefore it is best as “detox” mask which cleans the skin and stimulates its metabolism.
For oily or combination skin mask can be prepared with plain water or rose water and applied 2 times weekly.
People with dry skin can also use this mask but in that case it should be prepared with addition of 1 tablespoon of coconut, avocado or almond oil.

To order WoMn Cosmetics, click HERE.



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  1. Definitely a motivation. I really need to start looking more after my skin
    love all your posts♡♡

  2. Thank you veena!! Informative write-up and you are my motivational force when it comes to taking care of my skin which I ignored for such a long time.. I can’t thank you enuff and I will keep on doing that time and again…love you and keep on doing the good work!!

  3. I am in LOVE with UAE skin care products… badly wish we had them here

    you are so right – motivation is such an important thing – am inspired to set aside 7 min each morning & night for this valuable routine

  4. With every new blog, you educated us more. You are the one from whom i’ve learned the importance of skin care routine adn how to take care of my skin according to my skin time. So happy for that mask you got by your name, its huge for me too. I got my order to by WoMn Cosmetics and can’t wait to try these products. Once again Thank you Veena <3

  5. Due to hectic routine and small babies i am unable to properly take care of my skin but i do take some time out on and off.i used no.7 cucumber cleansing lotion,tea tree and witch hazel face scrub,rose water as toner,then i apply a mix of coconut oil,castor oil ,and vitamin e oil on my face.
    But 2 days back i put ubtan only for 2 mons may be before applying oil and beleivr me i am still enjoying the freshness….
    Thankx to you veena.