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Hello Sisters!!

Hijab tutorials’ been a part of my blogging journey already and the amount of love you all show on my videos is just something that makes my day. To top this joy, I was contacted by Hidden Pearls. They are UK based company that deals with Hijab and modest fashion related items. They sent over 2 beautiful scarves which I have been flaunting many times ever since I received them and now here is my thoughts on them.


hijab, scarf

This was my first time to wear a silk scarf as I always thought it was difficult to handle and carry them but only after i tried I realized that beautiful folds can only happen with silk and chiffon scarves. Now, it is one of the scarves I use regularly.

Tutorial on this HERE

hijab, modest fashion, hidden pearls

Tip: Wear a cotton underscarf to keep it from moving.

hijab, modest fashion, muslimah, hidden pearls

This is one of their chiffon scarves and my very first gray one. πŸ˜€ Thanks to Hidden Pearls for giving me 2 of my first experiences with scarves.

Please watch this video on the tutorial of this scarf.

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"the most beautiful thing a woman can wear is confidence" I have been criticized and questioned a lot , why I don't come infront of the camera all 'done' . Mostly it's simple makeup ,NO FALSE LASHES , just casual mostly. Here is my answer: I'm confident the way I am. I chose to be infront of the camera the EXACT same way I am in person. Dramatic looks,falsies ,false nails are all a treat from me to you sometimes.😜 But the real me ,is this. So,girls, #loveyourself #beconfident with the looks you are blessed with. . . . . Wearing Chiffon scarf by Hidden Pearls . . . . . . . #bblogger #dubaiinfluencers #Dubai #hijabfashion #hijab #beauty #beautiful #hijabvideo #hijabtutorial #hijabvintage #dubaiblogger #uaeblogger #love #lovequotes #women #womensfashion #modestfashion

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One of the best reasons to shop at Hidden Pearls is they offer a variety of products at very affordable rates. I have washed them several times and they still look as new as they were the first time I got them.


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