Himalaya Stain Away Toothpaste

Hello Fellas! 9 days to go for this year to end and I am sure there are many family get together, outings and parties planned out already. One advice from me is , do not forget to pass on a smile. End this year with a smile and enter the new year,2018 with the same bright smile. Speaking of smile, I know the first concern would be sparkling teeth. Not a big deal, a good toothpaste will do wonders but hey, make sure to use them regularly. When we speak of good toothpaste , the first thing that pops in my mind is the Himalaya Oral Care range. They have a whole range that actually focuses on healthy gums and for someone like me who has very sensitive gums, that is exactly what I need.

Today, we will discuss in detail their Stain Away toothpaste. But before that, why choose Himalaya?

“Himalaya’s Oral Care Range is known across the market as your gum care expert. The range is a complete lineup of products that provide different features based on consumer needs, but with an overall benefit of gum care. These products include:

-Complete Care Herbal Toothpaste

-Mint Fresh Herbal Toothpaste


-Sparkly White Herbal Toothpaste

The concept of the entire range is to highlight the importance of healthy gums in maintaining oral care. Good teeth won’t matter if your gums aren’t healthy as well.”

Himalaya Stain Away toothpaste



  • specialized product that addresses tea and coffee stains
  • It can give you up to 3 shades whiter teeth in 3 weeks
  • It is free from chemical bleaches and hence does not cause sensitivity or

    other side effects

  • Natural ingredients from the region: papaya and pineapple

himalaya toothpaste


My thoughts:

I don’t want to bore you all with a lot of writing so I am just going to say it. I love it. Not just me, but my children too and that’s the most important thing esp when it comes to toothpaste as kids would only be picky about taste. If they don’t like it, they won’t use it. But Himalaya Stain Away toothpaste is nothing but a perfect toothpaste for the family with trusted natural ingredients. I personally go for gum friendly toothpaste because of my sensitive gums that would bleed even with just light brushing. In ten days, I have seen a brighter teeth of my kids and stronger gums for myself. Why am I not talking about my teeth becoming bright? That’s because I have naturally yellowish teeth since childhood 😀 and I’d want to at least give the toothpaste a good 3 to 4 weeks of use before anything. but, for sure they aren’t gonna turn more yellow with this toothpaste.


                           Would you be interested to try this? 


To check out the brand yourself, here are the links:

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Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by Himalaya Arabia as I am part of their Advocate program,  so we try and test them and share with you all our honest reviews with experiences. 


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