MAKE UP BRUSH HYGEINE-how to clean makeupbrushes

Many of us, specially those new to the make up world , do not realize that our make up tools needs cleaning too. Yes, go and get all your brushes and start cleaning them.

Why is it important to clean your make up brushes?

It is very important to wash your make up tools as they accumulate bacteria in between the bristles, there are leftover residues from your last application on there which is so gross. You don’t want any kind of infection on your face, right? These bacteria will literally damage your skin, not immediately but eventually. Makeup does make us look beautiful but it is very important to have a healthy skin too. If your canvas is damaged, your painting will be affected. 😉

What you need:

1. Dish washing Detergent (Any)- perfect to kill bacteria

2. Bowl

3. Water

4. Dirty Brushes

5. Brush hanger (if you have)

6. Or a glass

Steps to Follow when cleaning your brushes:

1. Get all your dirty brushes together.

2. In a bowl mix the dish washing detergent with a little water enough to soak the bristles.

3. Mix well

4. Place in the brush just enough that the bristles are soaked in water very nicely.

5. Stir in circular motion properly and eventually you’ll see all the residue in your brush mixed in water as it changes its color.

6. Rub it back and forth on your palms to remove the last of the pigments.

7. Run the bristles through warm water(DO NOT USE HOT WATER AS THEY WILL DAMAGE THE BRISTLES)

8. Pat them dry with a towel.

9. Let it dry by keeping it upside down in a glass or brush hanger.

In the picture, Step 4 , is an example of how you can dry your brushes using glass, Step 5, I just tied them up with a rubber band and hanged on the wall and let it be there over night, as I don’t have brush hangers so I made my own. 🙂

You can be creative and make your custom-made brush hangers just make sure to keep them upside down(bristles down) because if you keep them standing , the water in the bristle will run down to wards the handle of the brush, spoiling the glue that is keeping the bristles together. don’t think that if you’re using a very costly brush set , it won’t be spoiled no matter what because they will be damaged if you don’t take care of them. Glue is what hold the bristles together. So you don’t want water getting to that part or the bristles will just fall off.

10. Tadda!! You have your clean brushes now 😉

How often should you wash your brushes?

Where there are many guidelines you’ll find on internet regarding how often should you be cleaning which brush,  I clean them all together , as I can’t keep track of which brush I have used and how many times. So I wash them off every after 2 applications.


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  1. Thank u sooo much for ur great tips it is v easy n cheap 😉 thank u to save my money to buy brush shampoo 🙂

  2. Fantastic recipe. I use homemade detergent. It works perfectly! I use at home only homemade cleansers. It is important to use non-toxic ingredients, where it is possible. Best regards!