How To Change Font Colors

Today’s post will be a bit different from my regular posts. Beauty blog means beauty related post, I believe this one falls in the same category somehow. After all it is beautifying one’s blog. emoji

So what made me do this post? Ever since I started my first post, I have been wondering how on earth would I change the fonts color , where are the smileys/emojis, but couldn’t get a clue. I googled, searched YouTube but at that time, my brain just couldn’t pick anything as those were so technical detailed stuff. While going through other bloggers’ blogs, I saw some having colorful fonts and beautiful emojis. I asked one of them “Hey, how did you get those smileys and colored fonts?” Her reply was a bit disheartening for me for awhile. She said, ” I copy paste the smiley shortcuts and regarding the font colors, I discovered this small trick in WordPress and  I’m not sure if I’m ready to share it yet with other bloggers as every blog has to be unique from others.”

Truely said. I believe one should be unique. This is a world of competition and that too , very tough one. But more than that, I believe in helping each other grow. What’s yours is yours and what’s mine,no one can take it from me. We bloggers are unique in our very own way, no matter how much we help each other, because what we write is what we feel, think and experienced.  And seriously, with Google in town, there is nothing one can hide,at least technically. That very same day, I stayed awake the whole night trying to figure out what that “trick” was. Luckily , it didn’t took me too long to find it out. ios_emoji_smiling_face_with_haloThat day, I decided that I will definitely share this with all of you. Most of you might know this already , but I’m sure, there are some who are still trying to figure it out.

With not much delay, let’s start with the first step.

Pic 1

Before moving on to the first step, I’d like to share a teeny weeny thing here. Pic 1 is what WordPress offers for a “Quick Post” writing and I guess most of you get this one by default. This is what I have been using to write my post but then I shifted to this one. Moving-animated-eyes-finger-pointing-down


Step1- Go to your main page and check top most left corner “My Site” ,click on that and check options on the drop down. There are many to choose from.

88Step 2- Click Blog Post —–> Add New.  A new window will open. Moving-animated-eyes-finger-pointing-down


Step 3– This layout , I like better as it gives lots of options for your blog post. I suggest you go through the whole page and check what it has got for you. Now, have a look at the tabs just right on top of the box where you type your text,below your title. It has option of “Add Media” “Add Poll” “Add Contact form” etc. Below that are several options for writing and that’s where the hidden fun is. 😛 Moving-animated-eyes-finger-pointing-down


Step 4- Hover your cursor through all of the buttons/tabs there ,it will show a mini tab telling you what it does. At the extreme right, there you will find “Toolbar Toggle” . That’s what you want to click. Once clicked, It will open another row of buttons below. Moving-animated-eyes-finger-pointing-down

Pic 6
Pic 6

Step 5- Click through each and every button. You have the option of changing font size using Heading” button. Since there’s no option for font size change, at least I use that for that purpose. The button with “A is what you are looking for. Click it and it will give you color chart and you can change your fonts with your desired color.

How to change font color:

  • select the text
  • choose color from”A”,click
  • deselect text

That’s it! I guess I have given you enough space to play around with your next post. I really hope this would help someone. Have a big heart and re-blog this, someone might benefit. <3

P.S I still didn’t find any button that has emojis/smileys. One option is copy paste keyboard shortcuts of the smileys,which I find boring. If you want to know how I have those interesting emojis, just drop a comment below and another tutorial for that will be posted soon. lip

Thanks for reading buddies!



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  1. Thanks for doing this, I was about to go to youtube to find out if there is a video about how to use wordpress as am new to this.
    Hopefully I will be able to follow it through.

  2. Fantastic of you to mention the what seems to be a touchy topic, asking for help from fellow bloggers. I’ve had my troubles too and like you believe 100% in helping fellow bloggers! It’s a small world, we are all family and should be treating each other as such. Pure Awesomeness!! Love it!! XOXO

  3. Great post. Its really great when bloggers help other bloggers. People dont realize how important it is to build a network when you blog! Makes you so much more successful 🙂 Great tips

  4. Thank you for this post, it was much needed. I tend to use only the basic functions and try to block out things I don’t understand, but this will be very helpful.