Ever wonder why your dark circles turn gray after applying concealer?

I am hoping this post would answer that question. Just today , a dear reader of mine asked that question and I thought of once again, talk about color correcting. I already have a detailed post on this previously, where I showed a color chart for reference and featured BH Cosmetics Corrector & Concealer palette. I also had a video tutorial on how to do the same, click here. But I feel we need to discuss about this issue more often.

So here is an illustration on how I actually do it. Hopefully this step by step picture, will help you understand.

Before starting, first, this is just my way of doing it. Some might prefer correcting after foundation, or apply foundation on top of corrector then conceal , everyone has their own way of doing it, and I suggest you try every way you can so you know which one suits you better. The tools used in applying might differ, I sometimes change according to my mood. I can use fingers , brushes or sponge. Some might want to apply using sponge only, it doesn’t mean they are wrong or I am. So this is just something I want you all to keep in mind. The below is just my way of doing it.

The 4 Step guide to covering dark circles using orange corrector


  1. Clean and moisturize face, hydrate under eye area using any eye cream.
  2. Apply orange corrector on the dark areas only. I apply with a brush then blend using fingers.
  3. apply concealer on top, taking care both the colors aren’t mixed together while blending. Apply and using ring finger, slightly bland in a “tap tap” motion. 😛 Come on guys you know what I mean.
  4. Set it with loose powder or under eye setting powder. Any powder would do. Do this, so you makeup doesn’t crease.

So these are some of the ways to cover dark circles, please do watch any tutorial I do, because I always explain when I do a full face tutorial.

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