21 thoughts on “I got a new Logo made for my blog!

  1. Oh, this is hard! the one that got my attention first is #1 because of the face, but I think the color of the font of your name is too light, so I guess I’d pick #2 because it has an interesting logo and the name is front and center. Are you a makeup artist? Is that why it’s Veena’z Kit?

    Are you doing your own blog redesign? I’m looking for an IT person who is affordable to move my site to a more mobile-friendly theme coz I don’t trust myself to do it. Any ideas?

    1. Allison your comment is so helpful!! And yes,my blog is like a virtual ‘kit’ of my makeup journey. ☺

      I am actually having my whole websited designed by professionals as I feel it’s time to do it now. I have just added the link in my blog post. You can click that to contact them. Do mention you came through my blog as I am an old customer and they will give priority hopefully.

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