So just a random crazy thought I usually have. Showing you today the weirdest craziest side of me. Smile with tongue out Today I feel like doing something different from the usual posts I do.

Sitting in front of my dressing table and deciding which foundation to wear today was not different from any other days as this is something I face every time I start putting on makeup. I admit, I do not have many foundations as I wasn’t a foundation girl before. I lived my entire life using My Benefit BB Cream until makeup addiction happened. In love From that blessed day up to date, I own only 4 foundations. Thinking smile I hope it is 4 only. Oh wait 4 liquid and 2 cake foundations. Yes ,so 6 in total. Oh wait, add 1 cream to powder foundation too Angel So 7 in total. I need to move along now before I start remembering all my hidden treasures.

I love the feeling of going through my makeup drawer full of makeup and stare at that one box with different foundations and ask myself which one should I go for today. At times when my skin is acting really bad, I go for full coverage and  I‘m all into caking up that day. This shouldn’t be the case, I know but I just want to cover and hide all those unwanted imperfections. But there are those times when my skin is at its best and all I grab is my so-natural foundation , with coverage just enough to even out my skin tone. Flirt female

So here is where my crazy thoughts start, if these foundations were women, how would they be?  If I had to incorporate a woman’s traits with a foundation’s coverage performance, then how would she be.

Light to Medium coverage- She is confident as she doesn’t care what the world would think of her imperfections. She is someone who wants to be herself , happy and comfortable in her own skin and nothing in the world can make her think otherwise. She is bold as she wants the world to look at her for what she is, but at the same time she understands the fact that she has to look in a “society-acceptable” way. For that ,she needs to cover up a bit of her flaws. She just can’t let anyone know what flaws she has as it might cause others to look down on her. She doesn’t want anyone to judge her and for that ,she has to camouflage a bit to look “appropriate” No one has to know she wasn’t able to sleep, or has been crying the whole night or a fight with her husband/mother/best friend,in the morning. That’s the reason she has to put on that “smile” …that light coverage ,which doesn’t at all means she is less confident.

Medium to High Coverage- She is secretive, brave and strong. She can hide her true self behind many curtains without you even knowing it. She is someone who does not display emotions publicly. Secretive as she has many things to hide and she does that very beautifully and flawlessly, that many times, one will fail to notice it. Does hiding make her a bad person? Definitely, no. She might just be hurting inside due to many reasons or she might just have injured herself , you will never know. So better not judge her by her looks. She is someone who certainly does not want to show her true self to the world and behind that can be some painful reasons or maybe she just is enjoying being somebody else in public. Not everyone carry their real selves in public, they are very private people and their personalities can be very confusing if you will know them personally as they are very different at home and outside. There are women who love to disguise to inspire others. To show other women how powerful they are as they can be who they want whenever they want and wherever they want. Putting a mask on your face and facing people is an art that not everyone can master. This does not mean they are bad. Are they fake? Well, let’s just say, they are comfortable that way. Winking smile At the end of the day, they return home and become who really are, which means they love themselves just that there are times they want to hide.

No offense to those who loves wearing full coverage foundation, I also love full coverage and there are times when I just need to cake up. LOL I do not buy foundation that would give me a natural look. I don’t get why anyone would do that. You want it natural then be natural. Smile with tongue out I want full coverage! I want my makeup to be on point. The better the coverage the flawless my makeup would be.

Oh by the way, I just remembered , I have 3 powder foundations too. LOL Laughing out loud


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