Yay! I’m so excited today , finally I’m going to be doing an international giveaway and the best part is I’ll be sharing with you all my love for Utama Spice products. If you’ve been following me, you would remember my post where I reviewed products I received from them, in details. Just to give you an idea of this range, Utama Spice is a skincare brand based in Bali and provides us organic, cruelty-free and synthetic-free products.

This is the 2nd giveaway that is going on right now in my blog, the first one is for Gulf countries and this one International and I will be having another one also , to be posted after the 15th of this month. Yes, guys, I am doing lots of giveaways! I am just so happy with how things are working in my blog and all other social media platform.  It is because of you all, who have supported me throughout my journey, it’s been 3 months since my bog started and everything is just getting better day by day as I made friends, came across good reads by other bloggers, got to help others and above all learned a lot. So I really want to return the favor and show you all my appreciation.

Let’s get started.

20150804_143816So this giveaway as you see is by Utama Spice and they have a Peppermint lip balm and Body butter for you. 😀

They are so nice to give us the chance to try their amazing products and if you do not yet know about this brand, go ahead and check my review.

When Ria, sent me the pictures of what she has for my followers, I was so excited like a kid. The box looks really fabulous. The theme of this brand is just amazing and the packaging represents that really well.

So we have a total of 3 lucky winners to receive these boxes <3

20150804_143958Winner will be chosen by me manually, as I want to give due credit to those who will put an effort in spreading the word.

Please note: 2 winners will be chosen from the entries here and 1 from the entries in my Facebook page.

Here is how you enter:

  1. Subscribe through email to my blog here.
  2. “LIKE” my Facebook page here.
  3. “FOLLOW” me on Instagram and Twitter
  4. “LIKE” the sponsor’s page here.
  5. Follow Utama Spice on Instagram and Twitter.

Comment on this post with your email ID & Facebook/Twitter/Instagram usernames.

That’s it.

To make your positions stronger, you can reblog this, tweet me once in a while, invite your friends to join the giveaway here or Facebook, repost the giveaway on Instagram and Twitter. (Optional)

Competition ends on 20th August 2015. Winner will be announced on 21st August 2015. Winner will be contacted through email. I will do a shout out on Instagram and twitter as well to announce the winners. Winners should provide us with address and all necessary details within 48 hours. If not, another lucky girl will be chosen. <3

Good Luck everyone!



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  1. heyyy fellow wordpress blogger, nice to meet you! Im subscribed to your blog, twitter and instagram
    the giveaway looks fantastic! I love lemongrass, ginger and peppermint-the smells are so refreshing for the mind.