I know this is an old school technique but I’ve been doing this for couple of months already and I really like it. Thought of sharing with you all my experience.

I have short, thin eyelashes naturally and am always looking for the “one magic mascara” that will accentuate my eyes. I tried different mascaras, followed different tricks, used different eyelash curlers( which by the way I find useless) but in vain.

I stumbled upon this trick on getting thick and longer eyelashes somewhere on the internet using baby powder. I’ll be sharing with you two illustrations I did, using two different mascaras , just to show you guys if it really works or not.


For the first image, I used a very simple drugstore mascara by Gosh. Whenever I apply, it actually does nothing than coat my lashes with some product, that’s it. But when used with powder, it actually made a difference.

What you need:

1. mascara

2. baby powder/ loose powder

3. Brush

How to :

1. Start with clean eyes.

2. Apply first coat of mascara.

3. Dab baby/any loose powder on eye lashes

4. Apply final coat of mascara.


If you want to get a fuller, heavier lashes ,repeat steps 3 & 4. But be careful not to over do as the powder can get clumpy.

11705104_1600344100247196_2152999693740209019_nFor the 2nd image, I used Avon mega effects mascara , will post the review very soon, and as you can see the result is pretty much the same as in 1st image using the same technique.

So here you go, if you have short , thin lashes as mine, do try this out as it’s not always that we are ready to use falsies.

Thank your for reading. Please share if you think it’s helpful. <3


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  1. Hey Veena! Glad you were able to stumble upon this wunderful trick. It works amazingly well. You did an awesome job and it made a huge difference. Great post!

  2. Wow! I’ve actually never heard of this method but it looks great. I’m always looking for that raved about mascara that’s said to do this but I will definitely try this 🙂

  3. Nice trick here! I used to wiggle the wand a bit, let the mascara dry on my lashes, and then apply second coat and third coat.

    My friend from Jakarta gave me a duo mascara that has two wands – one is to lengthen and the other is to thicken the lashes. I’ll try that one as well! 🙂

    Thanks love for the tip! x ❤︎ | LaineyLovesLife

  4. I have tired this technique before a couple of times but mm orally do the baby powder first then the mascara. It looks pretty full but will try this technique with mascara first then baby powder