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Make up brushes for beginner
Make up brushes for beginner

Okay so when you are a beginner, you probably are on a budget. This is my very own opinion on what make up brushes a beginner should have for a start. 🙂 Trust me, these were the only ones I had when I started off. I’ll be putting up another post for advance collection of make up brush sets. You do not really need much , but just 4 brushes! Super duper affordable and easy to understand as well as use. Brushes you need: 1. A foundation brush( The picture shows a buffing brush which is my favorite for foundation.) You can use the flat foundation brush too as the one below.

Foundation Brush
Foundation Brush

2. Spoolie: While many use this for their eye lash, I use it to tame my eye brows. It is just the best for me. Brush your brows to put them in the right place. LOL 3. Eyeshadow brush-For now, get yourself one eyeshadow brush as you wouldn’t want to get into lots of blending yet. We will get into blending also, but for now let’s stick to this as I don’t want to confuse anyone. 4. Powder brush  which you can also use to apply your blush. See, how easy and quick was that. Next to this , I will post “Make up for beginners” Hope you found this helpful. Thank You for reading. <3


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