I’m part of many Facebook groups and even admin a few of them. Every now and then I see ladies asking about make up related issues. So I noted down all the queries and decided to post in detail about those, one by one.

Previously , I posted about the make up brushes you’d need if you are a beginner on a budget. Today is regarding make up you need initially. I am in no way a pro , what I am sharing here  is totally based upon my experience and what I learned throughout these years. You might have different interest than mine though.

Make Up World by Veena
Make Up World by Veena

The make up world has brought to us plenty of make up goodies to choose from and more often confuses those who aren’t professionals or those who isn’t into make up that much. Make up application such as contouring, highlighting/strobing, concealing etc requires extra skills that if applied wrongly , will make you look “something” else. If you are a beginner, I suggest you to not go to all those details and start from the very basic which we will touch here. 

DSC_44081. Foundation/BB Cream– First you’d need is a foundation or BB cream that suits your skin type and of course the right shade. Before purchasing, check out you tube videos, research on what type of foundations suits your skin. When buying foundation it is not enough to just get one that is of the right shade, but you need to see,for e.g  if you have oily skin, you don’t want to get any moisturizing foundation or if you have dry skin, don’t go for matte finish. I’ll tell you all about it in another post. If you don’t want very heavy product applied on face, you can go for a good BB cream.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

2. Face Powder– Next you’d need is a face powder. again, choose one that suits your skin type. There are variety of products to choose from. There are the pressed powders, loose powders, liquid to powder etc. I suggest go for the pressed ones if you are a beginner as applying it is very easy. If you have very oily skin, then go for loose powders but be careful to apply it evenly and not over do it as your make up would look really chalky.

Eleanor Blush Make Up World by Veena

3. Blush- Go get yourself one nice powdered blusher to mimic natural rosy cheeks. If you think you have a good control on applying it and can afford, then buy as many as you want. 😀

Eleanor Trio Eyeshadow  Make up World by Veena
Eleanor Trio Eyeshadow
Make up World by Veena

4. Eyeshades- When I first started off, I had a palette with 6 shades in it, 4 mattes and 2 shimmers. Believe me, I used only 2 from them ,maximum 3! When getting your first eyeshadows, make sure it has colors that you can use to contour your crease. No,no no, don’t go wild on the word “contour” here, I’m not asking you to go all Kim Kardashian on contouring, it’s just the darker shade you apply on the crease of your eye lids to make is look deep set and more enhanced. The shade has to be 1 or 2 shades darker than your own skin. Also one light shimmer shade for inner corner of eyes, I love shimmers for that part of my eyes as they make them look brighter but if you are into mattes, then go ahead with that.

Make Up World by Veena
Make Up World by Veena
Make Up World by Veena
Make Up World by Veena

5. Lippies- Lipsticks and lip gloss are your next target here. Go ahead and buy your fave colors. It is very easy to apply. Get some lip liners too , practice outlining your lips as it really helps in the long run.


6. Eyeliner- Last but not the least, eyeliner. I suggest you get a very simple black pencil eyeliner, easy grip,easy application. However if you are adventurous, there are many to experiment on, gel eyeliners, markers, kohl pencils etc.

Concealer was something I was very hesitant to use as a beginner. I found it very tricky to get the right shade and applying it, was not a cup of tea for me. Luckily I didn’t have dark circles or obvious imperfections to hide ,so I really wasn’t dying for it. If you think you need it badly, then add it to your collection. <3 Face Primer is also optional, many might object to this but you seriously don’t “need” one. I still wear make up without primer and I can’t forget having make up on all those years when primer wasn’t even invented yet. But no harm in using that too, it will give you a smooth ,soft surface to work your make up on 🙂 So if you can afford, then go ahead and add one to your beauty kit.

Make up is an art, there is no right or wrong to doing it. It’s just a matter of loving what you have and knowing where to use it.



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