This post is specially dedicated to all my beginner Glam Queens! You guys have been asking me on one brush set where you can get all the brushes you need but it was always a sad news as it is very hard to find ONE set with all the necessary brushes and that too affordable. Finally, I have some to suggest to all of you. If one set doesn’t fulfill your needs, then better invest on two as you won’t be needing any more for good 3 to 5 years if taken care well. I picked some of ‘s most affordable and useful brushes which is ideal for beginners.

For those who do not know about souq. it is an online shop with many sellers having their stores in it and they sell everything that you can think of. Products will be delivered to your doorstep and you can even exchange in case of any complain. So the brushes I would show will be available with different sellers for different prices, so it is totally up to you to search for one that has the best price. Just make sure to read reviews.

So read description carefully to know which brushes I think missing in it , if any. Click the picture and it will lead you to Souq directly.



9pcs Makeup For You – this set has good options for foundation and blending brushes for eyes. It doesn’t have have powder brushes, flt brushes for concealers which is important in a set.

Similar to this set is the one below

Another brush set that has some good brushes is this one

This Oval brush set has one of the best foundation brushes. Purpose of each brush is mentioned in the box itself for your guidance otherwise, practice and discover what you are comfortable doing with these brushes.

Another brush set that is beginner-friendly is this one. It has all necessary brushes you need and the only problem I see is the missing buffing brush for foundation. So what you can do is apply foundation using that flat brush and if needed, can blend using sponge.


This brush set by MSQ is one of those brushes that is so worth the money I invested. You get a lot of brushes for the price.

Get this! It have everything!



This post is not in any way sponsored by any brand or company including . Review is solely based on my personal experience.


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  1. Yes You are right. I’ve bought few brushes from them as well. It’s been two year and not even one bristle has shed yet. Thank for amazing guideline though <3