Makeup Revolution Death by Chocolate palette. Isn’t that name interesting? Well, for me it is. Let me confess something here. The shades of this palette never attracted me at all. I had almost all those shades already, I thought the shades were too light as I am more into bright ones. Read along to know how I feel about this.

The reasons for ordering this palette were:

  1. Packaging-the chocolate package is just so attractive.
  2. The palette’s name is amazing
  3. Dupe of Too Faced Chocolate bar- it made me curious about how it would be and does it really smell like chocolate like the Too Faced one.


  • Durable
  • classy
  • Feel high-end
  • Has a mirror
  • The plastic film on top has the name of shades printed in it
  • Of course, looks yum 

MAkeup Revolution Death by Chocolate

The palette has a very good choice of matte and shimmery shades I must say. The colors are combined in a way that you can create different looks just by using this one palette and you won’t need to pick any other shade from another palette. I thought I won’t be too excited because of the earthy tones but LOOK AT IT!! You have shades to :

  • set eye shadow base
  • use as transition color
  • use as crease colors
  • use as pop of brightness on the lids
  • create smokey eyes
  • use as eyeliner

Ever since it came to my hands, it has been one of the busiest palette I have. Going in and out of my drawer is nto an easy task for my eye shadow palettes as competition is so tough and to be one that I keep pulling mostly, definitely is a winner. 


  1. pigmented
  2. blend well
  3. good selection of colors in one palette
  4. not chalky
  5. not much of fall outs
  6. damp brush doesn’t spoil the surface of the shades
  7. Longevity is very good, last time I wore it lasted til 6 hours. (I do not use eye shadow primer , just foundation)

I highly recommend such affordable palettes. I ordered it form , they have Makeup revolution line for very affordable price.

Makeup Revolution Death By Chocolate Swatches






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