Makeup Revolution is one brand that I have wanted to lay my hands on since couple of months and finally my order arrived and now I am just playing with them daily.  What amazed me about this brand is the crazily affordable price. They offer a huge variety of makeup products for very less. I love browsing their website, explore one product after the other and I can just go on and on for the rest of the day.

The first I would like to share with you all is the product that is one of my favorite.

Makeup Revolution I am Sexy Palette

Makeup Revolution I am Sexy

This is what the pack comes with. A very cute palette with a lipstick and a card with the product information in.

Makeup Revolution I am Sexy

The palette is really cute. It has a black and fuchsia pink color combination and that little heart just won me! This is the first palette with the concept of having a lipstick in it and you can replace the lipstick with a shade of your choice as long as it fits.

It is very light-weighted , palm-sized which is perfect for traveling and for carrying around in your purse.

Makeup Revolution I am Sexy

Most of the shades are shimmery to metallic and one matt. The shades choice is perfect to create looks for day time or for night out parties. Just get creative and even the most shimmery ones can be for a daytime look too.

Makeup Revolution I am Sexy Eyeshadow swatches
Top row

The shimmery shades are beautifully pigmented, however I would recommend to use them with an eyeshadow base. I just feel it is always good and safe to have an eyeshadow base applied first as they keep the eyeshadow for longer period and gives a nice pop to the colors.

A little bit of fallout with the lighter shades otherwise nothing to complain as such.

Makeup Revolution I am Sexy Eyeshadow swatches

One would expect the eyeshadows to be very difficult to work with specially for the price they are offered with, but it is not the case with these at all. They are easy to blend, and lasts long. I used them with an eyeshadow base like I would do with other eyeshadows whether high-end or drugstore and it performed just the same as other eyeshades would. It did make me curious on how they would be quality-wise as they are so affordable and considering the fact that you are getting all these in a cute packaging is just a wow.


Makeup Revolution I am Sexy Palette Lipstickmakeuorevolutioniamsexypalettelipstickswatch

The lipstick is a bold red shade with a very dark pink undertone. It is very creamy, glides n smoothly on the lips and doesn’t lie between the lines of lips. It is not long-lasting(which is not an issue at all not unless the lipstick claims to be one) and I just wish it had a shade name. I don’t know why but I feel like a lipstick with no shade name is so incomplete. I know it’s weird but I feel so.

I ordered my Makeup Revolution products from a Facebook seller, whose page is going through some changes so I can’t post the link because it won’t work but do inbox me on my page and I will give link to the personal account.

This palette is under AED50.


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